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Maintain your network in SAP TM 7.0 efficient; use hierarchies.

Setting up and maintaining a network in SAP TM 7.0 can become complex when one uses a lot of different types of means of transport. When you decide to make use of hierarchies in the means of transport you will find out that maintaining the network can become much easier. Here is explained why.


In SAP TM distinction between road, sea, air and rail transport can be made by setting up the mode of transport. Differences between, for example, different kind of trucks and/or trailers can be configured by setting up different means of transport. The means of transport is the basis for many other functions in TM; like setting up the transportation network, selecting the correct capacity, transportation charges, etc.


When one uses many different types of means of transport it can become quite a challenge to maintain the transportation network. Especially if you need to maintain lanes for every means of transport between location A and B. It would be much easier if you would maintain a hierarchy in the means of transport. You could even choose to make a dummy means of transport that represents the transportation mode. Just like in the following image.



In this situation if you would create a transportation lane between location A and B with the means of transport ‘ROAD’ all lower level means of transport will be able to transport between these two locations. This would mean that in this example instead of maintaining four transportation lanes only one has to be maintained.


Using this solution in maintaining your network not only reduces the amount of transportation lanes, there are other advantages as well. Like:

  • The transportation network is set up faster.
  • It takes less time to set up the software.
  • It is easier to locate errors in the network.
  • The system operates with less errors and unexpected behavior.
  • It is easier to make changes in the network.
  • You can make more distinctions between the means of transport. Like separating the cooled trucks from the normal trucks.
  • Costs are saved when implementing and operating the software.

Use this knowledge to your advantage when setting up a transportation network in SAP TM.

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  • I agree with you on reducing the time to maintain network. However, from my experience in TM 6.0/7.0 would like to add following to your list:-
    Create Transportation zone to Transportation zone lanes.
    The zones can be made as per your convenience.
    • This is a good concept and certainly can help speed up maintenance.  Be advised if you use the superordinate concept for MTr you might run into problems when optimizing based on mode selection of costs, if cost planning profiles and vehicle resources are set up correctly.  In your example, if costs were based on lanes data and only one MTr is represented modal selection may be misrepresented.  Also curious, how you would segragate different TSPs if TSPs didn't utilize every MTr as defined in the hierarchy.

      SAP Senior Consultant & Multiplier for TM