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An excellent show case for the ES bundle “Integration of QM Systems ( IQM ) “

SAP has been shipping enterprise services for the SAP Business Suite for more than three years now. Enterprise services (ES ) were grouped under Process components based on their Business Objects and bundled together. For SAP QM, we have delivered IQM bundle in 2007. One more ES Bundle “Easy Inspection planning “is in the pipeline.  Please check the below wiki page to know about the ES Bundle “IQM”

However, we need to have a real time application which is consuming the ES to demonstrate the power of SOA. This made our team to build this content project   Quality Control with SAP MII. You can use this package to support quality inspection and quality control along the supply chain and integrate information from the SAP ERP Quality Management (QM) with SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (SAP MII), which allows a closed loop quality management on the shop floor. Although it is not a composite application, this show case example provides a simplified user interface (UI) to retrieve, enter, and display the inspection results on the shop floor using enterprise services. We have also realized the “Instrument connectivity “for passing the data directly from measuring instrument. We have used a “Steinwald Interface prototype” for the interface .We build this as a demo and not available with the delivered content. We have it in our demo system. If interested to see the functionality, please inform us. 

To download this application and its documentation, go to:  – >Quality Control with SAP xMII (Using SOA) 

Before implementing the content project, please check the below details:


Pre-requisites :         SAP ERP 6.0 and SAP MII 12.0 are required to use this content 


Supported Functions  :


  •  Display inspection lot operation work list, related inspection points, and   inspection characteristics
  •  Change inspection lot data
  •  Record inspection results for corresponding inspection characteristic
  •  Record inspection characteristics defects
  •  Create/valuate inspection point and physical samples
  •  Graphically represent the inspection lot data (for example, SPC chart)
  •  Trigger the creation of quality notifications in the SAP ERP QM application
  •  Display production order and batch data
  •  Display inspection results
  •  Record usage decision for inspection lots
  •  Recording inspection results with Online Measurement Device  (Steinwald Box) – for demo purpose only.




Some sample screen shots from the application:







This application contains URL links of the ES, which is unique to the system what we have used. In case you are importing the codes of the application in your system , please note you need to change these URL links of the ES and the Log-on credentials pertain to your ERP system . 

We are eager to know whether this new content would help you to understand enterprise services consumption and get your SOA projects started more quickly.

In case of questions, please contact the author



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