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Troubleshooting Issues with VS .NET Datasets and Crystal Reports

Note added December 3, 2012. This blog is corrupted and thus rewritten as a wiki; Troubleshooting Issues with VS .NET Datasets and Crystal Reports. Please use the wiki.

One of the more common issues I see on the forums relate to the use of VS .NET datasets and Crystal Reports. For the most part, the issues are; slow performance, incorrect data, no data, prompt for login credentials to a database and more. You may also receive errors such as:

“Unknown Database Connector Error””Failed to retrieve data from the database”“Query Engine Error ‘C:WINDOWSTEMP emp…..rpt”“Log on failed…” , etc. 

In this blog, I want to describe my approach to resolving these issues. AS a prerequisite, it is assumed that the developer is familiar with creation of datasets and the basic limits when using datasets with Crystal Reports. See the following resources:

Crystal Reports Guide To ADO.NET

Reporting Off ADO.NET Datasets

As always, ensuring that you are working with the latest Service Pack for you version of Crystal Reports should be the first step of your troubleshooting process. Service Packs can be searched in the Downloads section: 

If you are seeing the issue on a deployed system, but the application works on your development system, ensure that the Crystal Reports runtime matches the two systems. Latest merge modules and msi files for each version of Crystal Reports (v. 9.1 and higher) can be found through this Wiki:


A great tool compare the runtime is Modules. Modules can be downloaded from here:

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  • Yesterday, I was unfortunate enough to install the updates for CR 2008.  My reports were working fine before and I had no known problems.

    I'm running VS 2008 and am deploying crystal reports bound to a dataset.

    First off, I couldn't get the SP2 runtime to deploy.  I spent several hours finding the SP2 msi file, and looking thru the support files on how to get it to deploy.  I finally decided to install the SP2 runtime on client computers and thought I was on my way.

    I was really discourage to then find all of my reports were missing date fields.  Then I spend another couple hours finding this is a known problem unresolved since 10/15.

    I can't believe the incompetence shown that you could deploy SP2 without noticing dates would be stripped from reports.

    I've been thru this before with past versions of Crystal reports and feel like an idiot now for upgrading instead of choosing a different product for our reporting needs.

    I'm now attempting to uninstall everything with SP2 and return to what was working.

    What a waste of time.  Thanks again Crystal Reports.


    • Mike, all I can do is say that I do understand your frustration. However in our defense, the issue is known and is documented in several forum threads on the CR for .NET forum(SAP Crystal Reports, version for Visual Studio)

      The issue is also documented in note number 1392258 - Date time field is blank when using ADO .NET dataset and Crystal Reports 2008, Service Pack 2.0

      I suspect bugs are part of any release, be it full release or other. All we can do is inform the community as soon as we can via the forums and publication of the notes. Soon, we hope to use other forms of media to get the info to you. Media such as diggit, reddit, twitter, etc. So, in the end I believe it is up to you to be plugged into the community and understand how to use it(?).

      • We are having the same problem (date fields are blank in the report), only with native ADO.NET (.xsd) datasets. Going back to SP1 is not an option because we are already deploying to Windows 7 PCs.  How long before a fix is available for this.  When you say that "All we can do is inform the community..." does that mean that there isn't a solution coming?  The last post is already a month old - I thought that there would be a solution already considering that it is something that was broken.

        Those of us in the real-world development community treat "bugs" (or previously existing functionality that no longer functions) with an elevated sense of urgency.  We will work diligently to find and deliver a solution to our customers in a timely manner (frequently over-night) in order to lessen their pain and retain their confidence in us as their solution provider.

        It appears that Crystal Reports is so far removed from the "real world" that they have lost sight of this.