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Second Level of Participation in SAP Community Network

During Michael Bechauf’s visit to India, I got the opportunity to interact with him on the Topic of Second Level of Participation.

Basically, there are 2 levels of participation from the community members in SCN:

First level of participation: Posting of queries on forum, responding to queries on forum, writing blogs, participating in wiki, attending community meeting, using the search and other functionality of SCN to gather more information. This level of participation is based on the model of utilizing the existing framework of SCN.

Second level of participation: Becoming a part of the thought leadership in SCN by brain-storming more ideas on how to encourage quality contributions, changing/ altering the existing framework, more cross-functional information sharing.With 1.6 million community members, SCN definitely need second level participation from SCN Community members to cater to broad spectrum of SAP Consultants.

Some of the examples discussed with you during the interactions which can be termed as Second Level of participation.   

1)    Inviting members from the community and work on collaborative community projects. One of the idea is to integrate the knowledge i.e. Business Process Knowledge with SAP and make SCN the Google of Business Processes. Preparation of Business Process Hierarchy Documents of different Verticals

2)    Spread the word about BPX certification by collaborating with some premier Management Institutes for spreading the word about BPX certification

3)    Idea of integrating Project Management Track with Business Process Management Track and other products of SAP like Run SAP.

4)    Forming a SCN Focus group within the company with an agenda to encourage people to contribute in SCN and to facilitate the transition of active members to second level of participation.

5)    Integration of BPM Track with other modules of SAP.

Please let me have your views and I will explain these points in detail.

Please note that I have published second part of this blog titled:

Second Level of Participation in SAP Community Network: Part 2

The link is : Second Level of Participation in SAP Community Network: Part 2



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  • As I understand this, the EcoHub, Innocentive, University Alliance and social media trends initiative by SAP were taken keeping these points in mind. I would like to know if there are some further initiatives coming up and discussed with Michal.
    The points you mentioned are very relevant for a steady growth of the community. In an individual organizational perspective, encouraging SCN focus group could bring them closer to second level contributors.
    I am not really sure if there has to be some differentiation among the levels. The current contributions (blogs/wikis/articles) could very well incorporate the community expertise. 

    Best Regards,

    • Dear Prateek,

      Thanks for your posting.

      I agree that SCN has got all the framework to cater to second level of particiaption. The idea is realization that second level of participations exists and helps community members to make a smooth transition for quality contributions.

      I will relate this to my experience. After earning 4k points in the forum, I was wondering what can be done from  my end that excites and motivates me to contribute. This led to the discussion with SCN Team and this term is coined.

      I am working on most of the ideas mentioned in my blog. My upcoming blogs will talk in detail about that.

      Hope this helps.