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Batches created in lower case letters

+REPORT  ZTEST_GOODSMVT01.+ +DATA:+ +  ls_goodsmvt_header  TYPE bapi2017_gm_head_01,+

+  ls_goodsmvt_code    TYPE bapi2017_gm_code,+

+  ls_goodsmvt_item    TYPE bapi2017_gm_item_create,+

+  lt_goodsmvt_item    TYPE TABLE OF bapi2017_gm_item_create,+

+  lt_return           TYPE TABLE OF bapiret2.+


+ls_goodsmvt_header-pstng_date = ‘20090223’.+

+ls_goodsmvt_header-doc_date = ‘20090223’.+


+ls_goodsmvt_code-gm_code = ’05’.+


+ls_goodsmvt_item-material = ‘TEST-FOR-BLOG’.+

+ls_goodsmvt_item-plant = ‘1000’.+

+ls_goodsmvt_item-stge_loc = ‘0001’.+

+ls_goodsmvt_item-batch = ‘batch05’.+ <<<<< Batch with lower case letters +ls_goodsmvt_item-move_type = ‘561’.+ +ls_goodsmvt_item-entry_qnt = ’10’.+ +APPEND ls_goodsmvt_item TO lt_goodsmvt_item.+ +BREAK-POINT.+ +CALL FUNCTION ‘BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE’+ +  EXPORTING+

+    goodsmvt_header = ls_goodsmvt_header+

+    goodsmvt_code   = ls_goodsmvt_code+


+    goodsmvt_item   = lt_goodsmvt_item+

+    return          = lt_return.+


+COMMIT WORK.+ The batch is created this way, with small letters. It is stored in tables like MCHA or MCHB: image Once such a batch has been created, it is not possible to convert it to an uppercase batch. The system does not allow either to move this batch, as it is not recognized. If we try now to move this batch stock in an on-line transaction, the system will convert the manually entered batch ‘batch05’ (lowercase) into ‘BATCH05’ (uppercase). It will then search in the database tables for ‘BATCH05’ and will find nothing for it, since the data is updated for a different batch: ‘batch05’: image

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