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A few years back we started a real Community project that we are proud of. The ABAP Report Wizard was started back in 2006 during the SDN Day Las Vegas. 


It was is nice project and it showed that not only a diverse community team can really collaborate effectively, but also produce something that can and is used by many community members.


Since then, this project evolved to a fully operational tool and has been available for download.


This week, the download count reached 2000!!! (and its documentation is almost 3000) It is a great milestone and we are very happy to see that our work is being used by a large number of people.





To celebrate it, we are making available a smaller variant of the tool that focus only on generation of the SELECT statements thus making the JOIN definition simpler.


PLEASE REFER TO THE BLOG ABAP Join Wizard is here!  for info on this tool.






Wiki page

ABAP Report and Join Wizards

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Project Team



Leonardo De Araujo

The ABAP Report Wizard tool team!

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  1. Former Member
    Hi Leo,

    It’s been a while since I first thought about building a program like this one, unfortunatly at this date I didn’t have the time to start it (or never really tried to have it).

    I want to know if you are still planning to increase its funtionalities, if so, I would like to know which are the next ones or how can we discuss new features to be included and how can I help with this initiative.

    Best regards,

    1. Former Member
      Post author
      Hi Eric,
      Glad to hear you like it.
      We’ve put this project to the glass since we’ve been so busy with other stuff.
      Sure we have in mind a version 2.0, but tell me, what do YOU have in mind? Lets see how aligned we are… 😉


      1. Former Member
        Hi Leonardo,

        Some features that I will like to add are:

        1.- add the option of customize the template’s format (in the installation process or during the first execution)
        2.- add the option of customize the naming conventions (in the installation process or during the first execution)
        3.- add the possibility to add more than one table for the extraction.
        4.- add more events for the actual ALV
        5.- add the possibility to define an authority check
        6.- add the option of customize both header and footer

        What do you think?

        Best regards,

        1. Former Member
          Post author
          Good ideas.
          We have some on our own as well…
          We’ve been looking at incorporating ABAP2XLS and exports to Business Explorer on demand…
          The thing is that we’ve been so busy recently that I can see how we’d be able to get started on this anytime soon.



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