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Democracy in Information Availability — Far fetched ??

How do we define Self Service…? ( In My Own Words )
In the real world it means helping yourself and not expecting someone else to do something that you can do by yourself….

In the information world ( In the SAP World )
we have a class of users called ESS users – who access the system through a portal and typically ESS Users do not have access directly to the backend. ESS or Employee Self Service is perceived as a way for designated users to complete their tasks online like filling in timesheets etc and the nature of their interactions with the system is limited to posting transaction data or running queries for the same.

Please note that the above statements are my own and my own attempt at defining roles.

Now comes the conundrum…
Lets say a user is trying to take out a BI report….
The system is extremely slow and there is no response on portal for the same and the page freezes up and nothing happens.

Typical behavior could be that the user then calls up the BI helpdesk and raises a ticket mentioning that the BI system is too slow. This ticket is then analyzed by the BI team who then realize that it is not their fault and pass the same on to  the BASIS team. The BASIS team runs either OS07 or SM04 or does a general ping to find out the network connectivity and in many cases:

There is a time lag from the time the issue was identified and by the time the ticket lands to the correct desk the issue in all likelihood is not there anymore… ( Someone might have triggered a really heavy data load in the morning and  pure co incidence the user also tried running the query at the same time )

Now ideally speaking , a common reason why there is a delay is that access to T-Codes like the ones mentioned above are  meant for BASIS usage only since they have certain other usage which should not be given to anyone else… but then in this case a simple display access or a dashboard with some BSPs to get the information on portal will show what’s happening…

SM04 is relatively easy to put on a BSP ( I can say that since I did it in about 4 days just now ) and so is OS07 in terms of  just displaying the information on a BSP – basically meaning that the user can see the information and make sure correct inferences are drawn.

Will this be too much information ? 

But then as they say Information is power … will this be construed as too much information for the user… I do agree a little bit of training is required but then IMHO this would also fall under the ESS category as self service…anyone ??

A little bit of effort in terms of creating a dashboard with this information would go a long way … or maybe include it as part of the BI Admin cockpit … makes a lot of sense to have a dashboard for the same somewhere … otherwise it is just topaz for UNIX users to figure out what is holding the servers and tell users that it seems to be a temporary issue and should get sorted out in some time!!!

Who needs all this information really ? 

A typical Windows user uses the task manager to find out if something is killing his system , and if the user has access to task manager , why not give the user display access to task manager equivalent details for his server ?

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