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The one with the SAP ID mapping

In order to map an SAP user to a Lotus Domino user, Alloy requires an user mapping to take place. This user mapping is done at Lotus Domino, or to be precise, at the Lotus Domino Directory (names.nsf). For each Alloy user the person document in the Domino Directory must contain the corresponding SAP username.


Lets say the full qualified Lotus Domino user name is Dirk Lehmann/RIG, where the SAP username is lehmannd. As Alloy must know that Dirk Lehmann/RIG is the same user as lehmannd, the person document in the Domino Directory provides a simple user mapping. 

How to configure the usermapping?

Alloy offers two ways of storing the SAP username in the Domino Directory person document.




1) Using the User name or Short name/UserID field



Using ShortName 


Heads up on this: If you’re using the User name or Short name/User ID field in the person document, the SAP username must have sap= as a prefix. 

As this is the default setting, you actually don’t need to change anything at the Alloy Web Service (NDERPws)





2) Using a custom field from the person document

As you might already have the SAP username stored somewhere in your person documents, you could also use other fields than User name or Short name/User ID.


Open the Alloy Web Service on the Lotus Domino, press Open Server Config and select Use first name specified in a form field. In the Field Name, enter the name of the field from your person document which contains the SAP username as the first entry.





So in this case, the SAP username of the Lotus Domino user is stored in the Comment field of the person document. Please note, that the Comment field can contain several entries, but only the first entry of a custom field will be treated as the persons SAP username.


 Comment field with SAP Username 


Also note that in case you’re not using the User name or Short name/User ID fields, you don’t need sap= as a prefix to your SAP username.


Unfortunately there’re some traps in this option.

Make sure that the field name you enter in the Alloy Web Service (here: Comment) is the technical field name from the document, not the text label. In the screenshot above you can see the label Comments. However the field behind it is named: Comment.

You can check the document properties to make sure you’ve the right field name.


Document properties


Also not all fields of the person document will work out-of-the-box. If you’re using

  • FirstName      
  • LastName       
  • FullName       
  • ShortName      
  • AltFullName    
  • InternetAddress
  • NetUserName    
  • LTPA_UsrNm     
  • DB2UserName    

for storing the SAP username, you’re OK. But in our example the SAP username is stored in the Comment field, which is not part of the small list above.

In order to solve this, we need Domino Designer.

Start Domino Designer and open your Domino Directory (names.nsf)


Domino Designer 


Open the hidden view ($Users) and select the Name column.


Edit column definition


In the Type = “Person”; section add your custom field prefixed with a colon like in our example : Comment

Now Save the View (Ctrl + S) and go back to Domino Administrator. Open the People & Groups tab from the Domino Directory and press Shift + F9 in order to recreate the Directories indices’.



In order to persist the change done above, make sure the template replication (at least for the ($Users) View is disabled.

In the View list, do a right click on ($Users) on select Design Document.

Lotus Domino Designer List Views


Make sure to check the box Prohibit design refresh or replace to modify.

Disable replication


This setting will prevent the nightly design replication job to overwrite the changes you’ve done on View ($Users).


After a restart of your Domino server (to get rid of the caches), Alloy is now able to find the SAP username in the Comment field of each Alloy users’ person document.

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      Author's profile photo Aditya Varrier
      Aditya Varrier
      your blog forced me to know what Alloy is !
      hm so another product similar to Duet right?
      Author's profile photo Dirk Lehmann
      Dirk Lehmann
      Blog Post Author
      Hi Aditya,

      yes Alloy is a new jointly developed product by IBM and SAP that integrates certain SAP functions into Lotus Notes.
      To find out more about Alloy, please see

      Best regards