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<body><p>The following BSP program will create a list from the famous flights data for LH flights. It uses BSP as the generation. Just create a page with flow logic called something like start.xml and enter the code. After activation you can then test it. It doesn’t prompt for a filename to save the XML, I just use “File -> Save as” from  my browser.</p><p> </p><textarea cols=”60″ rows=”30″><%@page language=”abap”%>

<?xml version=”1.0″?>

<?mso-application progid=”Excel.Sheet”?>

<Workbook xmlns=”urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:spreadsheet”






<Style ss:ID=”s21″>

   <Interior ss:Color=”#FFFF00″ ss:Pattern=”Solid”></Interior>


  <Style ss:ID=”s23″>

   <NumberFormat ss:Format=”0″/>

  </Style> </Styles>

<Worksheet ss:Name=”Flights”>



<Cell ss:StyleID=”s21″> <Data ss:Type=”String”>Carrier ID</Data> </Cell>

<Cell ss:StyleID=”s21″> <Data ss:Type=”String”>Connection ID</Data> </Cell>

<Cell ss:StyleID=”s21″> <Data ss:Type=”String”>Country From</Data> </Cell>

<Cell ss:StyleID=”s21″> <Data ss:Type=”String”>Airport From</Data> </Cell>

<Cell ss:StyleID=”s21″> <Data ss:Type=”String”>Country To</Data> </Cell>

<Cell ss:StyleID=”s21″> <Data ss:Type=”String”>Airport To</Data> </Cell>




    l_spfli like line of t_spfli.

SELECT carrid connid countryfr cityfrom

         airpfrom countryto cityto airpto

  INTO corresponding fields of TABLE t_spfli

  FROM spfli

  WHERE carrid EQ ‘LH’.

loop at t_spfli into l_spfli.%>

<%= ‘<Row>’.%>

<%=  ‘<Cell> <Data ss:Type=”String”>’%><%= l_spfli-carrid %><%= ‘</Data> </Cell> ‘.%>

<%=  ‘<Cell ss:StyleID=”s23″> <Data ss:Type=”Number”>’%><%= l_spfli-connid %><%= ‘</Data> </Cell> ‘.%>

<%=  ‘<Cell> <Data ss:Type=”String”>’%><%= l_spfli-countryfr %><%= ‘</Data> </Cell> ‘.%>

<%=  ‘<Cell> <Data ss:Type=”String”>’%><%= l_spfli-airpfrom %><%= ‘</Data> </Cell> ‘.%>

<%=  ‘<Cell> <Data ss:Type=”String”>’%><%= l_spfli-countryto %><%= ‘</Data> </Cell> ‘.%>

<%=  ‘<Cell> <Data ss:Type=”String”>’%><%= l_spfli-airpto %><%= ‘</Data> </Cell> ‘.%>

<%= ‘</Row>’.%>





<WorksheetOptions xmlns=”urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:excel”>







</textarea> <p>The output might look like this: </p><p><img  /></body>

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  1. Martin Voros

    I just want to add that it is possible to use same trick without using BSP. Developer just needs to generate XML file with XML office structure in ABAP.


    1. Former Member
      Post author
      Hi Martin
      Yes, it was just a bit easier to show in BSP without having to do a lot of move statements to set up the structures…
      1. Former Member

        I guess it would be very possible to output Open XML format (the format of Office 2007 documents) from an ABAP internal table using XML capabilities (CALL TRANSFORMATION, Simple Transformation).

        Don’t you think ?

        That would allow easy conversions from Web Dynpro ABAP, BSP or classic ABAP (I even think of RFC-enabling this transformation for use within Visual Composer, Portal-based applications…)

        Best regards,

  2. Former Member
    Hi Michael,

    I like the lateral thinking, but didn’t seem to work on my system with Office 2003.  Maybe I just needed a plug-in to get it to work but will be good when everyone support Office.

    Much quicker than anything OLE based!


  3. Gregor Wolf
    Hi Michael,

    I think we’re touching a common problem here. Business Users want rich Excel Sheets which are nicely formated. The default for ABAP Reports is the CSV Download or the clipboard. Blag and you have shown manual ways to create Excel files. What I’m missing is something like PHPExcel which provides a great API to produce Excel for different Office versions. BW seems to support a generic way of creating Excel Files. The Excel Files I can download from a web based query look nicely formated. Is anyone familiar with that technique?

    Best regards


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