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In this blog, I would like to explain how to solve an issue related to the Seeburger message splitter.


When we receive an EDI message via Seeburger Adapter in XI, it is split into two messages – the Main Message and the 997 (Functional Acknowledgement). In our case, this split was not happening on our system even though the Seeburger Adapter has been configured properly and we see that it shows now error anywhere in the system. And for the outbound EDI messages, we were getting an error “CallBicXIRaBean – Name Not Found exception”.


Later we found that the root cause of this message is that some of the modules were not deployed correctly.


So, I just wanted to share this with you all, feeling, this would help you out incase you face this issue.


Below are the steps that are to be performed:


Make sure the following modules for the Seeburger BIC Adapter are deployed.


  1. CallBicXIRaBean
  2. Message Splitter
  3. SeeClassifier

For this,

Logon to the J2EE Visual Administrator -> Server->Services->JNDI Registry


Under this, we should see all the below modules
















































Under the seeburger node, check if the module for the Message Splitter exists.































If you see any of these modules missing, then go ahead and have the below modules deployed.


  1. SeeLogger.sda
  2. SeeFunctionsXILib.sda
  3. Mappings_Sys.sda
  4. bicXIRa-libs.sda
  5. bicXIRa.sda
  6. CallBicXI RaEAR.ear


Then, once all of these modules are deployed, then go ahead and deploy the Mappings_User.sda file, which contains all the E2X and X2E mappings.


Please refer to the below article for further information on integrating XI with EDI.

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  1. Former Member
    Hello Hari,

    It seems that you were badly stuck at this issue in your project. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing. It would be helpful for everyone to understand visual config related troubleshooting for Seeburger.

    Best Regards,

  2. Former Member
    Hi hari,
           Nice blog…I have a doubt that in Seeburger workbench,you might be knowing the VAriable concept in Seeburger.Can we able to delete the variable by any program or UDF’s in message mapping?..I mean instead of manaul deletion..
    1. Former Member Post author
      You can use the method resetVariable() in Seeburger Permstore.

      public void resetVariable(java.lang.String name)
                         throws PermstoreExceptionReset (delete) the variable with the given name.

      name – the name of the variable (TODO: length)
      PermstoreException – Unrecoverable backend problems or illegal Arguments”

      1. Former Member
        Hi Hari,
            Thanks for your quick reply, are you sure we have the method Reset variable,have you used before hari? can you please give me the class name of this method or the Code inside that method, as you specified above i will pass the Varable name in the paramter…


        1. Former Member
          Hey Kamal,

          I don’t think there exist a dynamic way of deleting the variables. I would still suggest you to post the queries in XI forums. Anybody then could help you with the problem.

          Best Regards,


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