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Business Suite 7 officially launched – What’s new in CRM? Check out the video clips…

Since SAP is officially launching the new Business Suite 7 this week, I wanted to provide BPX community members with an update on what’s new in CRM in this new release. Dubbed “SAP CRM 7.0” the latest release of CRM has been shipped to first customers since November 21st — as part of the Business Suite 7 ramp up program. However, the official announcement and introduction to the market is happening this week.


This blog complements my previous blog “Sneak Peek of SAP CRM 7.0” and provides a guide to the many video clips that are now available on BPX and allow community members to catch a glimpse of the exciting new capabilities of SAP CRM 7.0.


As part of the Business Suite, SAP CRM supports SAP’s approach of providing end-to-end business processes, that may span multiple applications. This approach allows organizations to leverage functionality from ERP, CRM, SCM… to support a comprehensive business process. For example, in a customer service scenario, a call center agent can not only retrieve information about the customer that is available in the CRM system but also leverage the strength of the ERP and SCM system and thus resolve a billing dispute or run an availability check immediately while on the phone with a customer.


Besides the focus on delivering end-to-end scenarios SAP CRM 7.0 comes with many significant functional enhancements across Marketing, Sales and Service, as well as some significant usability and user productivity improvements. Some of the highlights for each line of business include:


Sales: Improved sales performance through enhanced pipeline performance and territory management


Marketing: Stronger customer relationships through loyalty management, improved segmentation, and advanced campaign execution


Service: Service excellence through communication-enabled business processes, resource optimization, advanced contract management and high-performing call centers


With Business Suite 7, SAP CRM 7.0 will become a stable core release using the Enhancement Pack concept introduced by ERP a couple of years ago. This will make future upgrades a piece of cake as customers can pick and choose and no longer need to upgrade an entire release.


Check out some of the new improvements of SAP CRM 7.0 by watching the video clips that we have posted on BPX:


UI Framework and Architecture Improvements

The new Application Enhancement Tool (part of CRM 7.0).for non technical users can easily create custom fields SAP CRM 7.0 – Adding Custom Fields with The New Application Enhancement Tool and enable them in existing applications with one key enhancement of the  SAP CRM 7.0 – Web Service Tool Enhancements, take advantage of the pre-delivered templates by using the templates, customers and partners can speed up the web service creation process significantly.

Service Excellence

Learn how to sell Products together with the appropriate Services like the on-site installation service or the 3-year maintenance contract. SAP CRM 7.0 – Solution Selling ; Automatic Sales Contract Determination in Sales Orders SAP CRM 7.0 – Contract Determination in Sales Orders can help you to ensure customer satisfaction and retention; and Sales Agreement and Contract Management SAP CRM 7.0 – Sales Contract Management  to enable you to increase customer retention as well  as excellent services SAP CRM 7.0 – Problem Management and service resource planning together with a SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe and Service Order Confirmation SAP CRM 7.0 – SAP Interactive Forms with Resource Planning.

The new comprehensive and complete ITIL®-compliant end-to-end offering for

SAP CRM 7.0 – IT Item Management with flexible internal, external and shared service center scenarios concerning incident management and SAP CRM 7.0 – Knowledge Articles.

Interaction Center is increasing adoption of CRM Interaction Center by high volume call centers. A set of improvements optimize the current application as well as the end user processing times. One stop configuration allows for optimize TCO in multi-scenario implementations.

Knowledge Management has evolved as a critical component of customer service that drives organizational productivity and efficiency and no interaction center would be successful unless there is a tight integration with knowledge management. This is especially true when you think about one of the most used intersection point of self service and interaction center – the chat application: SAP CRM 7.0 – Multi Chat for Interaction Center and SAP CRM 7.0 – New and Improved Chat Editor. Hence, it becomes very important to provide agents access to the best of knowledge SAP CRM 7.0 – Call Transfer in CEBP . One of the advantages of communication integration with the standard CRM business roles SAP CRM 7.0 – Accounting Interaction Center: transfer of a customer call to the right person at the right time, no matter if the person is a part of the interaction center or not. The SAP CRM 7.0 – Account Identification Overview in Interaction Center offers and features an Accounting Interaction Center Shared Service Scenario with new SAP CRM 7.0 – Approval Management for SAP IT Service Management functionality in requests for change.

Customer Service NetworkCommunication-Enabled CRM ProcessesIt is about People, Skills, Availability, Connecting People, Processes, and Communications within a Customer Service Network. The SAP CRM 7.0 – Communication Enabled Business Processes with SAP CRM (CEBP) enables organizations to provide better customer service and improved performance by tying together communications with business process within the Interaction Center; leveraging organizational “know-how” independent of location; enhance marketing, sales, and service activities; and reduce total cost of ownership.

Consumer Marketing – Loyalty Management

SAP CRM 7.0 adds to many marketing processes in high volume marketing enablement, segmentation, and address list handling in CRM with the introduction of Loyalty Management. Loyalty management at SAP is multi-channel and fully integrated with CRM Marketing, Interaction Center, CRM Sales Order, and Web Channel. As an example, SAP CRM 7.0 – Loyalty Management in Interaction Center, see how an IC Agent can perform various loyalty management related processes, such as new member enrollment, campaign registration, and placing orders which earn points.

Trade Promotions supports Product Segments, display pallets, etc Loyalty Management (Travel/ Transportation) and Service Oriented Architecture Enterprise Services CRM provides a broad service enablement across Marketing, Sales and Service.

Sales Performance

Check out this overview of  SAP CRM 7.0 – Territory Management video clip. SAP CRM 7.0 – Pipeline Performance Management Part 1 helps sales managers and representatives to

Better manage and Analyze sales pipeline and with change view functionality SAP CRM 7.0 – Pipeline Performance Management Part 2 it is an innovative way of tracking changes in sales pipeline. With an easy SAP CRM 7.0 – Quick Creation of Contacts starting from a Lead enables you can create a new Contact without cumbersome cross-navigation. and SAP CRM 7.0 – Time-dependent Contacts users now can have a better overview of current Contacts and related Accounts and information on past customer contacts; to performing a simple SAP CRM 7.0 – Credit Check in Opportunity Management. With the automated SAP CRM 7.0 – Integrated Duplicate Check of a whole Account Target Group with “Data Quality Management” (DQM) is shown. DQM is a powerful frameset to ensure high data quality and offers different Task-Types for integrated Duplicate Check, External Postal Validation, External Duplicate Check or External Contend Validation: 

Data Quality Management framework provides a set of powerful tasks designed to eliminate duplicate business partner data records ensure a consistently high standard of data quality.  Dashboards and Interactive Reporting Business Objects CRM Dashboards integrate Business Objects Xcelsius ® in CRM 7.0 with a visual User Interface and interactive analytics.

CRM 7.0 provides a framework to create easily Business Objects Xcelsius ® Dashboards

based on pre-defined CRM-interactive reports.

In SAP CRM 7.0 – Web Channel Product Catalog Integration with CRM Web UI, enables customers to earn miles and redeem miles for reward products. Customers can view all loyalty programs related transactions in the Web shop, regardless of the channel. It is now possible for CRM internal users (e.g. Sales Managers and IC Agents) to launch Web Channel product catalog application from CRM Sales Order and Quotation Management – for browsing, searching and selecting products.. Learn how simple it is to compare multiple configurations of a configurable product using the snapshot feature in CRM SAP CRM 7.0 – eCommerce Product Configuration Comparison. Check out the SAP CRM 7.0 – Closed Loop Complaints & Return Management Process in ICSS scenario, where a user creates a complaint via ICSS (the E-Commerce Internet Self Service application); users can track their complaints & returns real-time via ICSS .You can even find a solution to a problem using the E-Service-service request to scheduling the appointment: SAP CRM 7.0 – Appointment Scheduling in Web Channel. Take a look at SAP CRM 7.0 – Partner Channel Management for “Business on-behalf process” and seamless integration between partner and brand owner.

ERP Order embedded in CRM – Customer Order Management

With SAP CRM 7.0 – Integration of ERP BOM Information in the CRM Product Proposal, it is possible to download ERP Bill of Material (BOM) information into the CRM system where it can used to considerably accelerate the CRM Service Order creation process in Completing a Lead-to-cash process with ERP Order Learn,  How to Create a Quotation Letter; How to Create a Follow-up Sales Order from a Quotation to the close integration from Bottom-up Account Planning in SAP CRM 7.0 – Account Planning. With CRM Opportunity to ERP Quote/Order CRM Cross-/Upsell and Campaigns within ERP Quote/Order it is very easily to increase your share of wallet with every quote/order by leveraging targeted cross-sells: SAP CRM 7.0 – Sell More with Cross-Sells Creating an ERP Sales Order from within the CRM Web Client using the JAVA product catalog to select products for the order learn how products and related product can be brought from SAP CRM 7.0 E-Commerce for ERP as demonstrated in SAP CRM 7.0 – Creating ERP Sales Order from CRM Using CRM Product Catalog. See how easy and simple SAP CRM 7.0 – Fast Order Entry  is to create an order with 6 line items in 6 seconds while the customer talks on the phone And for those who like to see a better looking product, learn how easy it is to make a configurable product that looks ugly when it comes from engineering look good when it hits sales SAP CRM 7.0 – Configurator UI Designer .



Please click here to access a complete list of all SAP CRM 7.0 video clips.

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      Author's profile photo Gregor Wolf
      Gregor Wolf
      Hi Volker,

      can you tell us when SAP CRM 7.0 will be general available? Will the Ramp-up be shortened?

      Best regards

      Author's profile photo Volker Hildebrand
      Volker Hildebrand
      Blog Post Author
      Usually at SAP, we announce GA once we met certain KPIs (# of shipments, go-lives, messages...) to make sure the product meets certain (quality) requirements for mass shipments; typically this takes about 6 months after ramp-up. However, a product can enter GA earlier (for example for specific countries). CRM 2007 went into GA two months earlier in many countries like US, Germany...
      Author's profile photo Harshit Kumar
      Harshit Kumar
      Hi Volker,

      It's good to know that SAP CRM 7.0 is released. Hope it soon comes into GA.

      Interesting facts you have gathered on this blog about SAP CRM 7.0 which was otherwise scattered.


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      Former Member

      this blog is very much useful for CRM.

      Knowledge as well as Learning.

      keep it up.

      congrats once again for the initative.

      Prajith P