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Time is counting down, but the voting is still open. In my Top 10 Best Blogs of 2008 I explained the voting, the change and of course the deadline of February 15, 2009.

So here I am again to remind you to vote and to share some interesting bits we’ve gleamed from the voting so far.



We’ve noticed that most people have only voted for anywhere from 1 to 4 blogs, in a way this was to be expected as most people tend to only interest themselves with the blogs for their categories of choice.

The last quesiton on the voting form was one of particular interest and is one of many ways a group can distinguish quality of content. 

Granted we’ve only had 85 votes so far, but considering 2007 and the first go around of this in 2008 that’s an vast improvement! It’s also I think at least a pretty good test for the overall feal of quality and content in the blogs. In the past (say about a year or two ago) this chart looked quite different! 

So please keep the votes coming!

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  1. Former Member
    I tried to vote but failed to understand the whole thing on the very first inout field which says:

    User ID: This is a number beginning with s, p, i or d

    • can something starting with s, p, i, d really be called a number?
    • where do I get such a number starting with s, p, i or d?

    Probably I could have been learning in some of the videocasts what those User IDs are all about but I don’t have time to watch a lengthy video just to fill out a rather simple survey. Shouldn’t it be possible to take part without a video session?


    1. Former Member
      Anton you have me at a lose here, the video and the text of the blog are the same – I think it was your suggestion ages ago for transcripts for this stuff?

      Second your userid is how you connect to SCN, it’s starts with s, p, i, d or c and is followed by a NUMBER.

      Oh and this video and the others are all only around what 5 mins this one around 3, but as I stated the blog and this contain the same information.

      1. Former Member
        oh, since I didn’t know that one cannot choose the user name on SCN freely (it is quiet some time since I joined myself) and the description didn’t include C (which my user starts with) I didn’t come to think about SAP user IDs.

        sorry for wasting your time but in return you get my vote, 😉


          1. Former Member
            since it seems to be my stupid-day today, may I ask you what that strange rendering on the wiki-page means? first it’s not 20 blogs to choose from but only 17? and then it shows some blog of yours on position one followed by 9 masked(?) slots and then 16 others. have some blogs been withdrawn? is this just your doppelganger at work? do I miss something important?



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