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SAP CRM Web Channel: Personalizing the Customer Experience based on Customer Profile

Personalizing the customer experience based on the customer’s profile (information gathered about the customer) is key for online merchants looking to improve customer satisfaction and increase customer loyalty. CRM Web Channel offers a number of features for personalizing the customer experience. Examples include customer-specific product catalog views, pricing, and contracts; product recommendations based on customer analysis and customer segmentation; and personalized up-sell and cross-sell of related products, complementary products and accessories.

One of the personalization features offered – that is cool and easy to setup – is personalized product recommendations based on customer segmentation. Personalized product recommendations is a list of products created dynamically for each customer, based on his/her customer profile, and displayed on the application home page. Web channel application customer maintains data about himself/herself in My Profile and Personal data screens, under My Account section (see screenshot below).

My Profile screen is comprised of a list of questions and corresponding answers. Internally, each question is a marketing attribute (e.g. “age group”, “favorite hobby”, etc.) and its corresponding answers (e.g. age group: “20-30”, “30-40”, “40-50”, etc.) are possible values for that attribute. After a customer creates a profile, CRM Web Channel can segment him/her based on the attribute values selected in the profile and dynamically create a list of personalized product recommendations.

Data maintained in the Personal Data screen (e.g. Gender = “F”) can also be incorporated in the rules/logic defined for segmenting the customer and creating a personalized product recommendations list.

Here is how this feature works:

1. Personal Data and My profile screens can be found under My Account section of the application. My Profile is comprised of questions with multiple answers. Internally, listed answers are marketing attribute values and selected answers (value of attributes) are used to segment the customer according to pre-defined marketing rules. Data maintained in Personal Data (e.g. Title, Country, etc.) can also be used in building rules for segmenting the customer. Once a customer is segmented a personalized list of product recommendations is created.




Note: In the B2C scenario, it is possible for guests to maintain a customer profile (valid for the session only)!


2. After a customer profile is saved/updated, Web Channel application will dynamically display a personalized list of products (based on customer segmentation) on the application home page. Customer has the option of changing his/her profile which may result in seeing a different list of product recommendations – depending on how the marketing rules are setup.




As illustrated above, setting up a customer profile by the customer is easy and intuitive. It is a simple but powerful feature used to create a personalized experience for customers. To see a demonstration of this feature, you can watch it in this video.

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