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Book Review: The Art of Programming Flex

Last November 2008 the SAP Mentor Alvaro Tajeda Galindo aka Blag released his first book in English, called “The Art of Programming Flex“.


After read and create my own applications based on examples from the book, I decided to do a little review of the book.

My first impression was: The cover of this book is very similar to the others Blag’s books. Yes… for those who don’t know Blag wrote many other books, all in Spanish:


El Arte de Programar Euphoria

El Arte de Programar Java

El Arte de Programar PHP

El Arte de Programar

El Arte de Programar Ruby

Yo en contra Mía

El Arte de Programar SAP R/3

El Arte de Programar Flex

El pequeño libro del Performance

El Arte de Programar SAP NetWeaver


More information about this and other books of the author can be obtained through the site


When I opened It for the first time I had a good impression by seeing a Clean Style. It’s possible seeing the first 10 pages at


Another thing I think interesting in this book is the fact that the author goes straight to the point, it is possible to have a perfect understanding of the book without the need to read a lot of pages containing theories. For this reason I think this book will pleases many people mainly those who don’t have much time to read but want to learn Flex fast.


This book has a lot of Step-by-Step images, making it easy for understanding of some topics such as the following:

• Creating interfaces(Layouts and Navigators)
• Introduction to Flex programming(MXML and ActionScript)
• Using Components(Label, Button, TextInput, Checkbox, Image, etc…. )
• Events
• Effects and Transitions
• Working with Multimedia( Images, Sounds and Video)
• Working with WebServices
• Database access(SQLite, PHP and MySQL )
• Validation and Data Formatting
• etc…

Furthermore the book has a sections called “Applying what you have learned” where the author show samples that demonstrate everything that has until that moment been explained.


I read this book and as Blag said in his blog, this book is a great journey through MXML, ActionScript, WebServices, Database access, and many more.


Since the first page we can note that the Author did a great job providing introduction for Adobe Flex programming…


This is the best choice for people interested in learning how to develop Rich Internet Applications.


Enjoy It !


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