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Use SAP Flash Island/Adobe Cocomo to build a social network in SAP

SAP Flash Island is a new/upcoming feature in SAP Netweaver and the discussions about what kind of features we could/would expect in these Islands have already started. SAP and Adobe have already given some examples – and for people working within the SAP area, the upcoming Flash Islands could open up for quite new features and possibilities.

The other day – I ran into an interesiting project at Adobe Labs. A project called Adobe Cocomo which is in it’s final testphase. It’s a set of  hosted services which will make it easy to add social capabilities to your Adobe Flex application (Flash Island). You will need to download a SWC to use in the SAP Flash Island project – with this Cocomo interface it will be quite easy to use  some of the following features in your SAP Flash Island:

  1. VoIP Audio
  2. Webcam Video
  3. Chat
  4. Multi-User Whiteboards
  5. Real-Time File Sharing
  6. User Management
  7. Roles and Permissions
  8. Robust Data Messaging

You might think – “… why implement features we already have in Skype or Messenger in a WebDynpro application”? Well – with a SAP Flash Island you will have a welldefined integration path to the backend system, masterdata, transactional data and authorizations – and could consider to use this as input (and output) to the Flash application.  So suddenly you could display a snapshot of the latest sales figures at the multi user white board and discuss the sales progress in a Webcam, VoIP or chat session – just as an example of the possibilities.

Six Thinking Hats

You might take it a step further – and look at some of the methods behind the “Six Thinking Hats” (also known as “The de Bono Hats system”) and use them as an inspiration to enhance the SAP/Cocomo features and end up with a SAP Flash Island application which will do much more than Skype or Messenger – and it will be integrated with SAP Netweaver.

Read more:

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  • Hi Mogens,

    Thanks for the interesting post and the information on this. But it might be tricky to get these services integrated into security scenarios where the portal is used as intranet behind the walls. And there might be additional concerns in terms of information security also. For any other web scenario the services add some nice features.

    Best regards,

    • Hi Artjom,

      CoCoMo components are right now in labs and currently work only with which is a publically hosted version of the next release of Adobe Connect Pro (code named brio) … When the next version of Adobe Connect is released enterprises will be able to host it inside their firewalls on their own intranet, like they can with the current version of Connect.

      CoCoMo components will be able to talk to this on premise hosted version of Adobe Connect.