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Upcoming Lifecycle Management Sessions – SAP Insider 2009

Hi All,

Below is a briefing on an upcoming conference. Wellesly Information Services (WIS) has an upcoming dual conference event.

In Orlando Florida from March 24-27, 2009, SAP Insider is holding the Administration and Infrastructure 2009 Conference and BI and Portals 2009 Conference. These conferences will have lectures, labs, and demo areas. You can meet with SAP employees, partners, and vendors to gain insight and advice into you current initiatives.

I’ll be presenting two lectures and one lab during the conference.


Reduce System Complexity And Total Cost Of Ownership


SAP Adaptive Computing Controller is an application based virtualization that provides greater flexibility in managing SAP systems and landscape. In addition, many companies are turning to system based virtualization technologies to manage datacenters, reduce system complexity, and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO). Combining the power of Adaptive Computing with virtualization technology increases the flexibility and reduces the complexity of SAP system management. Session attendees will gain an understanding of the building blocks of SAP Adaptive Computing Controller. This session will present several use cases how Adaptive Computing, combined with virtualization technology, can help to lower costs, increase flexibility, and allow for optimal management of SAP applications. In addition, attendees will gain an understanding of how SAP Adaptive Computing Controller complements existing virtualization strategies. This session will also include demos to illustrate the use cases and functionality.




Adaptive Computing Virtualization – Technical Details and Implementation (Hands-On LAB)




The latest release of Adaptive Computing Controller in SAP NetWeaver 7.1 optimizes operation and management of SAP systems in customer datacenters. Companies are deploying virtualization technologies as part of a larger GreenIT initiative to reduce costs, manage system utilization, and support SAP system landscapes. SAP Adaptive Computing Controller provides a Java based console for managing SAP systems. In this session, attendees will learn about SAP Adaptive Computing Controller, benefits, and new functionality in enhancement package. Attendees will also gain firsthand knowledge of the functionality of Adaptive computing controller to start/stop instances, relocate, perform mass operations, and schedule system tasks in this hands-on session. Attendees will leave the session with an understanding of how SAP Adaptive Computing Controller can benefit their organization.




Minimize Downtime for SAP Software Maintenance




Learn how to take advantage of the built-in downtime optimization features of SAP NetWeaver software maintenance tools, such as the new enhancement package switch installer, to apply patches and perform upgrades. Explore runtime and technical downtime statistics for each tool. Get best practices, tips, and tricks to successfully use each tool for system upgrade and maintenance activities. Learn how to utilize ABAP and Java upgrade tools, such as the SAPup and SAPjup programs, to shorten business downtime during an upgrade. Get instruction on how to use the enhancement package switch installer to optimally implement enhancement packages for SAP ERP and SAP NetWeaver. Gain insight into the SAP development roadmap for new near-zero-downtime maintenance tools for incremental upgrades and Unicode conversions.


Hope to see you at the conference!


Best Regards,

SAP NetWeaver Product Manager

SAP Labs, LLC.

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