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SAP CRM 7.0 Integration of ERP BOM Information in the CRM Product Proposal

Customers have long been able to create and use bills of materials within the ERP system. A bill of material (also known as a BOM) basically groups together the set of components that make up a product or assembly.

Prior to release CRM 7.0, the sometimes vast amounts of BOM information that customers had maintained for their materials, equipment, and functional locations remained “isolated” within the ERP system. Now that the replication of BOM information is supported, it is possible to see this additional component information within CRM.  

This video blog shows an example of how the service order creation process can be considerably accelerated when BOM information is made available via the Product Proposal function. Simply click on the screenshot to view…


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  • Hi Sarah,

    I have a couple of questions regarding this:

    1) When you say that a BOM information could be downloaded to CRM, you mean all components of the BOM could be downloaded as free ‘components’ within CRM or as a part of an Installed Base?

    2) As in previous releases when BOM information could be representated as structured products in CRM, is this a facilitation of that process via middleware?


    • Hi Robin,

      1) No, when you download a material BOM, for example, the ERP material is represented as a product in CRM, and the BOM components of the material are represented as “ERP Service Parts” belonging to the product. You can also see these components listed within the new “ERP Service Parts” assignment block of the CRM Product Master.

      2)So, also related to the above answer, the whole point is that you are now able to automatically replicate the relationship data for BOM components belonging to the respective technical object (e.g. Material) – and yes, this of course significantly facilitates the replication procedure for users of ERP BOMs.

      Hope this helps!
      Regards, Sarah

  • To my knowledge up to CRM 6.0, the sales BOM download into CRM become the structured product. In CRM, the relation between the header material ID and component material ID is in the “Component” tab with “display”, “prepack” “Set” relation types. However, the limitation for the structured product in CRM is the CRM system only support single level BOM.

    Here is my questions

    1. Does CRM 7.0 use different object for erp bom? Or now CRM support different usage of BOM (not only sales BOM as well other BOM usage )

    2. Is the single-level BOM limitation still apply? Here I only refer to the pre-defined fixed Sales BOM, not the BOMs due the configuration


    • Hi Min,

      – 1. Yes, in this BOM replication scenario, components are represented as ERP Service Parts. The use cases for which we did this development were based on the need to have BOM information in Service scenarios (for example, to display ERP Spare Parts information within CRM Service Orders). For this reason, the usage type “04 – Plant Maintenance” makes sense more than the other usage types available in ERP. In theory the other usage types could be used, but whether it would make sense to display BOM components as ERP Service Parts in CRM is questionable.
      2. The single level BOM limitation does not apply with regards to this development. Although the BOM components are displayed in a flat list in the “Service Parts – ERP” assignment block, within the product proposal list that can be generated within the Service Order, the hierarchy levels of the components can be visualized.