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SAP CRM 2007: Create a purchase request in ERP from a CRM Campaign

Often marketing people need to purchase goods and or services in association to their marketing activities.

This SAP CRM 2007 video shows how you can easily create a purchase request in SAP ERP, directly from a marketing campaign in CRM.

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  • Hi Christopher,

    The purchase requisition which is created, how are the internals of that determined: like CO object, Business Area,G/L Object, etc.

    Also WBS element seems similar to Campaign element – so as a prerequisite is the structure maintained in tx. CJ91 ?


    • Hi Robin,

      CRM campaigns (also other technically similar CRM objects such as marketing plans, trade promotions) are/can be replicated to the Project System in ERP. This replication takes place after the release of a campaign. So that’s how the WBS element got there- you don’t need to manually enter this in ERP.

      the account assignments depend then also on eg ERP customizing.  There are also some BaDI possiblities available to further influence this.

      hope this helps answer your question.

      kind regards,

  • Or can these be posted to one “dummy” WBS?
    I tried to get this working in our system, but did not find clear guidance on how to set it up.
    Do you have any documentation you can share?
    Thanks, Mia