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“Are you not entertained?”

System Addict

I am going to admit something right here, I know it may send shockwaves through this community, but I don’t care.

I like Star Trek, all it’s various versions, even the bad third series of Voyager, pre Jeri Ryan, and yes even the awful final 2 season’s of Enterprise.

From the even numbered films, and the increasing waistlines and decreasing hairlines, pre wigs, of the cast, I have enjoyed the romps through space and time.

What makes it in the main a good show?, for me, you have to go back to my early introduction to Sci-fi, Dr Who, the first episode of this that I remember, was John Pertwee’s last, ‘Dr Who and the Planet of the Spiders’, I think I have this stuck in my head because it’s a regeneration episode, the Doctor changes from one person to another, but is still the same person, got me for years that, anyway, this was followed by Blakes Seven, dodgy acting, bad costumes, the same quarry pit in Lancashire used for every planet they visited, but brilliant anyway, then, along came Chocky.

Based on the novel by John Wyndham, same guy that wrote Day of the Triffids, this came on TV just about the time that I was interested in more than just cartoons, They followed this with Chocky’s children, not as good, but it left me spellbound, which is how I fell into Star Trek. My dad used to watch it, and so I started watching it to, yeah, ok, the guy in the red shirt was always the first to die, Kirk, almost always got to kiss the girl, and the joke, normally at Spocks expense at the end did get a bit tiresome, but this was ‘quality’ programming!!

Then, the movie came out, I moved with my family in 1979 from London, to Bath, our first weekend was spent staying at a pub, we moved on the Friday, movers putting the stuff in the new house Monday, made perfect sense.

Anyway, my brother and I decided we would go to the cinema that Saturday night, and the only thing we could get into was Star Trek: The Movie, it blew me away, ok, the effects have dated somewhat since, the script is awful in places, as is the acting, but this is what made it so much fun, and still does.

Now of course, you have the new re-imaging/reboot of this classic series coming to a cinema near you soon, I have to say, I was dubious, you look at what JJ Adam has done in the past with Alias and Lost, 2 very new and different shows, and now he has been given the reins to one of my favourite shows, AARRGGHH.

Although, looking at pictures that have been released, and reading articles about this, I am now looking forward to it, However, I have been disappointed by other films over the last few years,
League of Extraordinary Gentleman, totally missed the point of the source material,
Stardust, why did they have to change so much from the source material, and add pointless new bits?
Alone in The Dark, should never have been made

So many films are getting a reboot, Karate Kid is going to be remade, recently The Poseidon Adventure a holiday classic, got redone, badly, Halloween got redone, Friday the 13th is also being talked about, is there really such a lack of new ideas, that the only thing left, is to redo classic films.

Yes, I know this has been done before, War of The Worlds has been made at least three times, Dracula gets re-done every few years, but really, does the film industry think that just by calling it a ‘reimage’ or ‘reboot’ we don’t see through it?

Ah well, off to wait for 8th May when the latest addition to the Gene Roddenberry fan films, sorry, Star Trek films comes to life, and we get to see what I hope will not be a complete waste of time.

Rain or Shine

One of the high spots of my job, is being able pretty much do what I like, I can set my own working week, while I have things I do need to do, I also have things that I want to do, or get asked to do as part of my job.

This week is no exception, I have given myself the task this week of writing three lots of documentation, update a lot of reports from CR 8.5 to XI, and generally continue on with my day to day tasks.

I do find it funny sometimes that people think that writing documentation is easy, ‘oh yeah, can you write me a one pager on how to do….’
And who am I aiming this at?, a one pager, does this mean that by the time I’m finished this will actually be 10 pages, with diagrams, pictures, dancing girls and web links? Probably.

It’s as if as soon as you suggest writing guidance, everyone has an idea on what should be in it, how it should be written, the layout, the font, number of pictures, hell, if that’s what you want, why don’t you write it, oh no, I can’t do that no good at writing them!!!

Sometimes, you read them again some weeks later, and you realise that as they were written by committee, they don’t actually make any sense, or flow, or are even readable.

I say this as I was in a training session recently, mentioned a guidance that had been written this way, and got told that as it couldn’t be read, and made no sense, couldn’t follow it, so didn’t bother doing what the guidance was about!!! When I asked why nobody said anything, oh we did, we told our line manager, same one who ‘helped’ me write the guidance, and they said, that he would get me to rewrite it properly!! I hate doing anything by committee, but this is just the pits, because you always get someone who is willing to blame everyone else for any mistakes, so, one of the docs I am writing this week, is a proper version of this, so all is once again good in the world, well, for now anyway.

Again, for those that want it, the headings come from song title names from a British brother/sister band of the 80’s, ‘5 Star’, the title is from the Russell Crowe film ‘Gladiator’, oh and if you are really interested, the description is a paraphrase of ‘Star Treking’ by the Firm

Thanks for listening, and in the words of the late great Charlie Chaplin ” “

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