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2009 objectives

What are yours objectives for this year?


We just received the SAP Developer Network Newsletter this week. I saw the “What are your wishes and resolutions for the New Year?” session, with some targets for the new year.


If you are entering in SCN now and have little experience, I tell one more thing:


Try to answer at least 100 threads in this year.


Dont focus in points, or to solve the problem fully, but in help the other, or little help. You dont have to know how to solve. TIME. You just need time. Filter the forum to see threads without replys. Some answers will be rewarded, but if you dont receive any points for your correct answer, think about this: Your post help in something, you helped no only this person who post the thread but all other that will see it in the future. Your post will help to increase the forum knowledge, and one day you could be back in this thread to see what you post to solve a same problem…


Start with one or two categories. See some answered questions to learn new things everyday. You need to know where are the answer or who has the answer when you have a problem.


Dont expect to start answering all threads… Nobody without “!” in your nickname can do this! 🙂


A tip: you can use ONE thread to answer another. Many people dont use the search button. Five minutes using the search button can give you a lot of same thread with answers. But dont put a lot of links in a post. It is not good, think about this: if you post a thread and need urgent answer when you see an answer with 20 links… Where do you start to check? It will be wasted time! And the moderator will remove your answer, of course.


My experience 

I try to find answers many times using search button or wiki section and it works, I found answers that helped no only the ask person, but me too. I think the spirit of SDN is to HELP EACH OTHER. You dont need 10k points to be a top contributor… when you received your first “thank you!” you will feel the best and will be the top contributor for the people who you helped… It is nice to help others. One day I saw wiki section and I spent long time to find a sub category in ABAP development section. Then I think about this: I am not the one to loss time to find it. Then I changed it and put the description of FAQ section with all sub category at the first page… Little things can change the world! Think about this.


Good job!

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  • Great article Paisante.

    This is the real meaning of a community.Change knowlegde, share ideas and solve the problems, not only asking for points.

    Keep going!

  • we are who have to tell you good job, because this is really the forum goals, and some comes here only to winning points and not to help…
    it’s not a competition for points, is for knowledge and to help us…

    nice blog

  • Welcome to SCN Blog my friend,

    I’m happy reading your first blog. A nice blog by the way !!! 🙂
    You’ve been doing a great job at SCN forum and I think you could do the same with blogs.

    I really like to read this kind of blog. Your message is very inspiring.

    I agree with Julius Bussche:

    “”- Be helpfull, but disciplined, and have fun learning from SDN – all at the same time””

    Congratulations and Thank you for that.

    Um Abraço,

    Marcelo Ramos

  • Maybe in a couple of years we’ll look back and view this blog as the boundary between the “old ages” and better times for the community. 🙂

    It’s not just about sharing knowledge, but also sharing the community spirit. That’s the idea.

    Congratulations and best regards,