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Top 10 Best Blogs of 2008

After your comments and feedback we decided and have done a complete “revisit” to the SCN Blogger Awards for 2008.

We’ve changed things up and reduced it down to the simply the Top 10 best Blogs of 2008, based on a selection of 20 and your votes for those top 10.

To vote please follow this link here!

For those interested in more details on the selection process here’s another small video clip explaining it all.

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  • First off, thanks – it is an honor to find place amongst the top twenty. I think you guys did a very good thing by simplifying this to just a flat list.

    I understand from your video that you had complex metrics to determine the top twenty. Wouldn’t something simpler like number of hits do as the criteria – may be plus the number of comments? Is it made more sophisticated to prevent gaming like what happens in forums?

    • Partially it was done to prevent “abuse” but also to ensure as impartial a design as possible since so many people had their hands in this one, did not want everyone to think that “we” picked our own favorites.