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License Keys and Secure Storage

So we are starting on the long road of getting Solution Manager introduced into our growing landscape. After some reading and lots of checking, we were keenly interested in pursuing the Business Process Monitoring features of SolMan. This requirement would help up prioritise SolMan inititiatives and give us a clear direction of order and functionality that we need to deploy.

First hurdle, we had booked the PI7.1 systems against the ERP installation number. Historically, we trialled PI7.1 and booked a temproary license in the ERP license space – then forgot about it. Guess what – Service Market Place now deploys services etc based on workflows geared toward the Installation Number. Wrong installation numbers means manual overhead and mistakes (and no BPM).

Let me tell you about the 4 steps I followed to repair the Installation Number situation at my place.

Step 1 – Generate your new installation keys based on your new installation number (raise a message with component XX-SER-GEN first). The new licenses will take an hour or so to come to your inbox after booking them in the Marketplace. It might be a good idea to book your HA, DR and Maintenance certificates while you’re at it. Hope you’re on top of the maintenance certificates already.

Step 2 – Delete your old license keys using transaction saplicense. You can be brave here, if you make a mistake, the old license can be downloaded fast from the Service  Marketplace. The license key deletes can be done while the system is up (but, be careful not to shut the system down without a valid license). Once deleted, go into the Digitally Signed Licenses tab and apply the new license(s).

Step 3 – Make sure you repair your Secure Storage. Run transation secstore, if you have red lights, you will need a migration key. Generate the migration keys from the Service Marketplace as per note 816861 (“Keys & Requests –> Migration Keys –> Secure Storage Migration”). Apply it and generate from the System Data Changed tab of the secstore transaction.

Step 4 – Run the secstore transaction again and enjoy the green lights. Make sure you test well.

References: OSS notes 816861, 1027439 and 1016348.  
My systems: PI7.1, SolMan 7.

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  • Take note that the installation number together with the user ID name are used as attributes in the algorithm for the developer key as well.

    It has never been a good practice to prevent changes relying on the user not having a developer key… but regardless of how secure and encrypted the keys are, it now also makes sense to use restrictive authoritations as the developer key will be of little or no use.

    Some customers I know have even seperate installation numbers for their PRD, QAS, DEV etc system – the usefull information in your blog adds yet another reason not to do this.


  • Good useful blog Tony,
    Did you run into any issues, such as unexpected downtime?
    Do you suggest doing the landscape in small steps, testing first in non-Prod systems?

    Cheers, Phil G.