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Doctor: Please come in.
Patient: Thank you.
Doctor: What’s your name?
Patient: atejadag.
Doctor: That’s your name?
Patient: Yes. It’s my user name.
Doctor: Ok. Where do you live?
Patient: SE38.
Doctor: SE38?
Patient: Yes. That’s where I spend most of my time.
Doctor: Ok. What places have you visited?
Patient: Oh. Last week I was at SE37…SE80…SmartForms and ST22… 🙂
Doctor: Did you just lay down your head to the left and smile?
Patient: No. I just smiled.
Doctor: Ok, never mind. Do you have any kids?
Patient: Sure. I got two.
Doctor: Great. What are their names?
Patient: R/3 and NetWeaver. NetWeaver is the younger.
Doctor: Ok. Those are very unusual names.
Patient: I’m a very unusual guy.
Doctor: Yeah…I can tell.
Doctor: I know why you are here…But can you tell me why you are here?
Patient: Sure. I suffer from short dumps.
Doctor: You’re what?
Patient: My sy-subrc are always more than zero.
Doctor: Ok. I just hear enough. You really need my help. Please come back next week.
Patient: Ok, thank you very much. /NEX
Doctor: And now…What you’re supposed to do?
Patient: I’m trying to end this session…/NEX…But it doesn’t work…You may need to call your Basis guys.
Doctor: …Don’t worry, I’m going to do it…

Hope you like it -:)

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  1. Former Member
    R/3 and netweaver reminded me of my chemistry professor. He names his daughter as Iodine and son as Neon. Other kids used to tease them with stuff like, “does mommy serve you food on the periodic table?”.
  2. Marilyn Pratt
    and smiling still.  Thanks for this fun ranting. I had an instructor who wanted his class to pronounce ABAP correctly (because they all said A-BAP like the first letter of English Alphabet is pronounced).  So he always started his class with an exercise and it wasn’t a coding one….
    He asked: “What do you say when the doctor says stick out your tongue”? because that’s the way to pronounce the language.  One smart guy answered, “tell him its my stomache that hurts”.  My does now from laughing.
  3. Former Member
    This one is so nice. When I read the blog title, I  assumed it would be more of “How you got into ABAP?”.
    Great and Enjoy mate !!


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