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SAP CRM 7.0 and Blackberry

SAP CRM 7.0 and Blackberry

There is a buzz about SAP’s ‘CRM on blackberry’. According to the ‘SAP CRM Roadmap 2008-’09’ we understand that SAP has planned to release the SAP CRM 7.0 ramp-up perspective to early customers of ‘CRM on blackberry’ which is targeted for the December’08 time frame  and ‘CRM on Blackberry GA Release’ in May 2009. This would bring smile for IT organizations as the mobile SAP CRM application would allow them to deploy, manage and support mobile workforce simply and effectively. And any of the organization’s goals would be not only to save money, but also to improve the accuracy & timeliness of data regarding business. To attain this, SAP has come up with an extension of mySAP CRM application to its mobile sales force on BlackBerry devices.

This blog would give a glimpse to answers for couple of questions like what a blackberry is, and what it has to do with SAP CRM 7.0.

What is a Blackberry?

A BlackBerry is a handheld wireless device created by ‘Research in Motion’ (RIM). BlackBerries read email & calendars from enterprise-class email systems, and most models also function as cell phones. Also, BlackBerries come with complete alphanumeric keyboards; many PDAs (personal digital assistant) do not. While a BlackBerry is a type of PDA, it is not meant to be used in the same way as a Palm Pilot or Pocket PC. Those devices are literally miniature computers that in some cases happen to have email capabilities.

Blackberry device Models

Before we choose any of the models we need to make sure that it supports our requirements. Below are some of the Blackberry models:

     • Blackberry storm 9530 Smartphone
     • Blackberry Bold 9000 Smartphone
     • Blackberry Curve 8900 Smartphone
     • Blackberry Curve 8300 Series
     • Blackberry Pearl Smartphone
     • Blackberry 8800 Series
     • Blackberry 8700 Series
     • Blackberry 7130 Series
     • Blackberry 7100 Series
     • Blackberry 7200 Series
     • Blackberry 7520 Smartphone

What is this blackberry to do with SAP CRM?

SAP and BlackBerry have combined SAP’s leading mySAP CRM solution and SAP Solutions for Mobile Business with the powerful BlackBerry wireless platform to deliver an integrated mobile sales solution. Mobile sales professionals have a solution that offers productivity and immediacy benefits to grow revenues and provide a competitive advantage:

  • This solution enables sales professionals to access and update information from   mySAP CRM via a BlackBerry handheld and provides field sales agents with an easier and more efficient way to manage customer accounts
  • SAP Solutions for Mobile Business also ensure customer satisfaction by checking the status of open orders on-the-spot and enables users to access information virtually any time, anywhere with no manual synchronization needed
  • Enables sales professionals in the field to be more responsive to evolving opportunities as BlackBerry keeps users securely connected to mySAP CRM and their corporate email system, enabling sales professionals in the field to be more responsive to evolving opportunities
  • SAP and BlackBerry can help improve customer relationships by putting account, inventory and order information in the hands of sales professionals while they’re at customer offices
  • SAP and BlackBerry can help organizations close more business and reduce the cost of sales by giving sales forces wireless access to the knowledge required to make sales

In short, with this ‘CRM on Blackberry’ through SAP CRM 7.0 the organizations would get: 

     • An increase in sales inquiries due to customer satisfaction
     • Reduction in service wait times
     • Increase in customer visits by sales
     • Productivity gains by service technicians
     • Lower support costs with improved first-time service
     • Increase in sales through better resource allocation


Please refer to the links below which would give more information on this:

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  • This blogs reads like a SAP Sales brochure.

    Where did you get this information? Does it come from personal experience?

    What metrics can you point to that support the list of organisation benefits you list at the end on the page? Why have you listed several of them twice?

    Graham Robbo

    • Hi Graham Robinson,

      Thanks for your time to check this blog.

      Some of the content is taken from ‘’ and The information is not of personal experience. I was not able to get any details about what a blackberry is when I searched for it in SDN. So thought this blog would give a brief idea and be helpful for someone like me who is looking for basic information and the origin details of blackberry in SCN to learn more about it.

      I will edit the two lines that are repeated. Please let me know about any other suggestions that would help me in my future contributions and also to avoid complications. Thank you.


        • Hi Gregor,

          Thank you for the valuable comment. That motivates me check the blog before I post any in future.

          I’ve gone through your blog and it’s very informative. I might have missed the links that you have mentioned in it. Now this gave me any idea how to mention the links in the blogs.


          • Hi Shekar,

            you also can update this Blog and provide some links. It would help to have them directly clickable instead of copy & paste.

            Best regards