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Kicking 2009 off with a thought…

I decided to go ahead and do a small video, I seem to be moving more and more in that direction these days with my show, Friday Morning Report so I figured why not kick off my blogging here for this year with a small video as well.

The video is a look back at some of the professional/semi-professional things to happen to me during the 2008 year as well as what I think will be very dominant in the upcoming 2009 year now.

OK so 2008 here we go, some links to show my highlights, things of interest and importance.

Beyond that I honestly could go on for hours about friends, family, my books, my kids, the list is simply endless but those I will save for me 😉 and for all of you I will simply say I hope your 2009 is half as good as mine looks because my looks amazing!

So 2009, what do I think of 2009? I think we are in for a real awakening of technologies and their uses. As many sit back and fret over the financial situation I see this as an excellent opportunity for companies as well as individuals to make use of the tremendous amount of technology already in place to make working virtually very easy. I’ve been a virtual worker now since 2005 and although there are aspects of not being in an office that are missed the benefits to both me, my family and the environment far outweigh them!

2009 I think will be the year that we start to use more and more of these tools, such as Veodia to work, collaborate and communicate across the globe.

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