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SAP Business One Development Environment Tools (version 1.5)

The SAP Business One SDK provides several programming interfaces to build powerful and fully integrated add-ons. In order to make it easier and quicker to develop and package add-ons based on the SAP Business One SDK interfaces, we have created SAP Business One Development Environment (B1DE) tools.

You can access the setup files (to install the Development Environment tools) and also the source code from the main SAP Business One SDN page -> SDK Tools -> Development Environment.

The main goal of B1DE version 1.5 is to introduce a new generic events handling feature in addition to all features supported by version 1.4.
This new version includes:

  • Introduction of a new step in the CodeGeneration that allows adding listeners to specific UI API events. You can also specify a list of form types for which you want to listen to these events.

Don’t forget to read the Upgrade Tips in the B1DE Help File before upgrading your add-on to another B1 version or another B1DE version.

The Development Environment is given as a free source code and therefore there is no support by SAP for the provided tools.

We would like to use this Weblog as a way to receive and share your feedback about the Business One Development Environment.

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      • Hi Giuseppe, Patrick,

        We are working towards supporting VS 2008 in the next B1DE release, which should be available in about 2 months.

        B1DE for VS 2005 version does not work (as is) with VS 2008.


        • Thanks for the info.

          I’ve now installed a fresh copy of VS 2005 and installed  1.5 but every time I create a new C# project vshost.exe throws an error after building the project. This occurs when opening the project as well.

          • Patrick, could you please tell what the error message is? Does it crash VS or can you still keep working after the error? Does the error occur only for projects created with B1DE? If not, this may be a general VS installation issue. You could try removing the existing .vshost.exe file and then try to open the project in VS (vshost.exe should get created again upon opening the project).

          • Sorry – it seems that my installation of VS 2005 is corrupt. I’m getting the error for any project.

            I have to say I don’t think I’ll be using it as it looks like I need to have a reference to B1WizardBase in the produced code – I was hoping for a “cleaner” project.

            Oh well – thanks anyway.

          • Thanks for the feedback. Could you please elaborate a bit on what would make B1DE cleaner ? we are working on a new release now and we are eager to get suggestions. Thanks again.
        • Hi,

          Next B1DE version will be available for VS2008.
          But in the meanwhile, we have been doing some testing with VS2008 and B1DE 1.5 version can also work with VS2008.
          In order to make it work you only have to manually copy VS templates from VS2005 program files folder to VS2008 folder.
          Here you have a detailed list of the steps you need to do:
          For C# wizards
          1. Copy CSharp_B1AddOnWizard.ICO, CSharp_B1AddOnWizard.vsdir, CSharp_B1AddOnWizard.vsz from
          …\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC#\CSharpProjects
          …\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\VC#\CSharpProjects

          2. Copy CSharp_B1… ico, vsdir, vsz files from
          …\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC#\CSharpProjectItems
          …\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\VC#\CSharpProjectItems

          For Vb wizards
          3. Copy Vb_B1… ico + vsdir + vsz files from
          …\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VB\VBProjects
          …\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\VB\VBProjects

          4. Copy Vb_B1… ico + vsdir + vsz files from
          …\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VB\VBProjectItems\Local Project Items
          …\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\VB\VBProjectItems\Local Project Items
          (You will maybe need to create the Local Project Items folder)

          Once that done you can open VS2008, you will see when selecting “File -> New -> Project” 2 folders called “Visual Basic” and 2 folders called “Visual C#” (one contains all VS projects and the other one contains the B1 wizards).
          You can then select B1 wizards, they should work without any change.

          Please let us know any problem you may have by using the wizards with VS2008, this way we will be able to fix it for the next B1DE version.


  • Hallo,

    at first: I’m a big fan to use the B1DE as a central framework part! My addons do work fine and my customers are very happy with the solutions based on B1DE. Thanks for the update!

    I’ve got a little problem with the Installer generated by the B1 Professional Installer Wizard. All works fine on regular machines but not on MS Terminal Server. I think it’s a problem with storing some addon settings (temporary) in the registry. Then there is an error on a last step, the addon installtion faild with “invalid index (-2)”. Posting in the SDK Forum wasn’t answered yet, so I like to ask in this blog, maybe you know this issue.

    Thanks and kind regards
    Christian Bührig

    • Hi Christian,

      Thank you for your compliments on B1DE!
      It is probably a good idea to take the discussion on installer problem back to the forum. Could you please point me to your post on SDK Forum? In the mean time, could you please check if entries exist under the following registry setting? “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SAP\SAP Business One Development Environment\SAP Business One AddOnInstaller Wizards”


  • Hello,

    First of all, thank you for this update on B1DE, keep up the good work.


    Where can I report bugs, or problems I find with B1DE 1.5?

    Thank you.

      • Aravind,

        When creating a new addon through the VB B1 Addon Wizard, I canceled the connection details form, got the warning box saying I wasn’t connected to the company but the B1 Addon Wizard windows remained open in the task bar. I click the still active “Next” or “Back” buttons and a crash to the VS occurs.

        I haven’t tested in other systems yet, it may be related to my installation of VS2005 or B1DE. Anyone else as this problem?


        • Hi Pedro,

          I have just reproduced the bug in my machine…
          I’ll try to find out where the problem comes from and solve it for a new version that should come very soon.

          Thanks for the feedback

  • Aravind,

    Long time ago (in a galaxy far far away…) I had the need to tweak the file selection for the Addon Installer Wizard. I made some minor changes to B1DE1.4 and have reproduced the changes in 1.5.
    Changes are:

    1) Auto selecting Interop.SAPbobsCOM.dll and Interop.SAPbouiCOM.dll and B1WizardBase.dll, when selecting the addon .exe (provided that this files are in the same directory as the .exe)

    2) Allowing multiple file selection on the file selection dialog.

    3) Open the file selection dialog on the VS2005 projects folder (this one was a personal preference more than anything)

    4) Warning message if duplicate extra files are selected (I plan to also compare it with the main files, so that no duplication is possible).

    Like I said these are minor changes but have been useful to me. If you’re interested in these functionalities I’d love to contribute.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Pedro,

      We are of course interested in having the code you added to improve the installers wizard.
      I’ll send you an email so you can send me your code.

      Thanks for sharing your improvements
      Best Regards

  • I get an error 2869 (UAC problem I think) after I try installing B1DE. Is there a solution for this?  I already turned off UAC on Vista but the error still exists.
  • Hi
    My configuration is:
    windows vista 32bit
    visual studio 2005 pro
    b1de 1.5

    when i try to create a new “B1 AddOn Wizard” project I get this error “ERROR: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”

    I have the same error also If I try to add some component to project already developed with B1DE and that’s are working on other machine.

    Can you help me?



    • Solved!!!

      The problem for me was that I hadn’t instal Visual Basic but only C#.

      I had to:
      1 – install visual basic
      2 – remove B1DE
      2 – Re-install B1DE

      and now all works fine.


    • Hi Diego,

      I suppose you are working with B1 2007, right?
      The error happens
      1. Before even the Wizard window opens
      2. After you click OK on the first information page
      Do you have B1 application open at the same time or closed? Can you try both cases?

  • when i try to create a new “B1 AddOn Wizard” project I get this error “ERROR: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”

    Please help me.

    • Hi Giuseppe,

      Cannot be the same problem as Diego?

      I suppose you are working with B1 2007, right?
      The error happens
      1. Before even the Wizard window opens
      2. After you click OK on the first information page
      Do you have B1 application open at the same time or closed? Can you try both cases?

  • Hi,

    Im using VISTA, SAPB1 2007, PL49 and B1DE 1.5, but this problem started when I install PL48.
    Im having problems getting business objects, e.g., in this line:

    Dim Table As SAPbobsCOM.BusinessPartners = B1Connections.diCompany.GetBusinessObject(SAPbobsCOM.BoObjectTypes.oBusinessPartners)

    i get an exception: (RPC_E_SERVERFAULT)

    This exception only occurs in VISTA. I tryed it on WinXP and all goes as fine.
    Any one has this problem?

    Ana Silva