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No, I expect you to die….

Yes, we have no Bandanas

Thank you for reading my musings this past few months, regular readers, and those who are new and have been reading my back catalogue, will realise that this is still very new to me, and while it seems to be really easy, it isn’t, you try it.

I have taken heart from the comments that have posted on here, as well as the odd comment sent directly to my email address, this had spurred me on to greater and better musings, for those that don’t ‘get’ some of my humour, and yes, there have been a few, I can only say this, Dickens, Conan Doyle, John Lennon, all got better recognition after death than before, not that I am suggesting that I should die just for you to like my stuff, but hey, Belle de Jour wrote heaps of rubbish, and look how that turned out!! (For those that don’t know her, her online blog and subsequent books were the basis for ‘Diary of a call girl’ with Billie Piper)

I read recently that the internet now has more bloggers than ever before, many, like myself, write every couple of weeks, mainly due to time constrants, or in some cases, just feeling that this is enough, others write more often. A report at the back end of 2006, suggested that a new blog entry was created every second worldwide, with, naturally, the US leading the way, but I guess the question is who reads them?

I write this in some ways for myself, it’s a release, a way of removing some bad feelings, and inflicting this on the world, if they care to listen, I have read other blogs, some are very good, they are informative, humorous and tend to hit just about the right level, as dotted around this very site, others think they are up for the booker prize, and feel the need to write everything from what they had for dinner, to the fact they changed the shower gel they normally use as the shop didn’t have it today and they now have a rash!!

I write in the style I do, as this is comfortable for me, hopefully just the right level of humour and insight, without going too over the top.

I read back all my blogs the other day, end of the year retrospective, and felt that in the main they worked for me, one or two maybe I tried too hard, and one just rambled too much, a bit like this one really.

I guess the point I am trying to get to is, with all the blogs being written, whole websites dedicated to the random ramblings of everyone and his cat, are we at a point where we have more blogs written than actually read. I know I tend to read the same peoples, and unless I am pointed to a new person’s, I do not really deviate from them, is this the case for everyone, or do you tend to read blog’s that have interesting titles or comments.

The Tension Mounts

The start of a new year always brings new and exciting times, questions that remain unanswered, suddenly become clear, who ate the last mince pie, that box of chocolates from grandma, which cupboard do they go in, who snogged who at the Christmas booze up in the pub on the last working day, although I generally leave before that happens, I always miss the good stuff.

But also, more important things need to be dealt with, what the hell am I going to be doing this year?

I guess I am quite lucky, because my role is quite autonomous, I set my own agenda, within boundries, so long as I get the work done that I have to, and ensure the system is working ok, then I pretty much get left alone to get on with it.

I was asked in an informal meeting with my line manager this week what I would like to do this year, do I have anything that I would like to really get my teeth into, or do I want to continue down the road I am going currently?

This is a really hard question to answer, as I say, I make my own day, I decide to a large degree what I am doing from day to day, and as such this does allow me to do quite a lot of testing of new software, internet trawling for new stuff, as well as the stuff I need to do.

Hopefully I will have more time to spend with Xcelsius, and also finally get the dozen or so pre written ones from our software supplier to roll out and amend to our whim, so this will keep me busy.

However, the need and desire to learn and gain more knowledge is also overriding, I have designed & written the helps files intranet site for our database system, I have never had any ‘formal’ web design training, so this would be quite nice, but I am not sure I really need this, nor do I need much more in the way of Crystal training, although Xcelsius might be nice.

Guess I will have to think about this one a little more.

Thanks for listening, and in the words of the late great John Denver, ‘Just watch this baby fly’

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  • Yes, read all blogs of our familiar/regulars as the blogger builds a reputation with us.
    However I still scan all blogs for subject also...

    More blogs every second as everyone is trying to reach out to others...

  • As John Lennon said "not hip on me culture, you know?" - he was more important to me alive than he is now.
    For those who didn't get your blog title, it's a line from a Mike Meyers Austin Powers movie.
    For Christmas, I received The Years With Ross by James Thurber.  I'd highly recommend this for future self-editing.
  • I don't normally comment on my own blog, but the title actually comes from the James Bond film Goldfinger

    Bond: Do you expect me to talk Goldfinger
    Goldfinger: No Mr Bond, I expect you to die.

    Not from the Mike Myers film Goldmember.

    Hope that clears that up.

    • Jeff - Whether you were quoting the original source, or a later satirical derivation, I'd suggest the text be noted with quotation marks, to guide those unfamiliar with the fragment, and to be sure your intent is clear. Jim