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SAP & Portal Interface :

SAP & Portal Interface :

There was a requirement by the client for developing a solution for the third party locations or co-packers. The client wants to maintain the data in their system using some interfaces like WebDynPro Developments or Enterprise Portal.


The business process is like : company used to supply the raw material & other semi-finished materials to the co-packers to produce finished goods. Company wants to track the goods movement at the co-packers’ location, maintain the quality level of finished product and to trace the material at various levels (which Raw Material batch is used to produce which finished good batch).


I gathered the required input from business people and worked with the ABAP & portal developers to develop a solution. Based on the discussions with ABAP team & business team we decided to develop a user friendly solution for the third party locations and should be accessible through internet.


One RFC was developed which was common to all the front end transactions, which is used to verify the user logon credentials & other security related function access. Different RFCs were developed to fetch data from backend server. WebDynPro in JAVA was used as front end. All the screens to fetch data from backend were developed. These front end modules work with RFCs in the background.


This development use single sign on between front-end and backend which is helpful from security point of view in tracking the user activities from front-end. Every user was assigned with particular roles & particular plant level access in the user profile in the backend. Custom authorization objects were defined at user role level to control the user access and authorization objects were defined for different locations also as per the requirements. At the time of login, users enter their user ids and front-end system passes that information to the back-end system (SAP) and a logon RFC got triggered, this RFC checks the assigned roles to the user in user profile and pass back the information (T-codes assigned, plant, etc.) to front-end system. Based on the information passed to front end, system only display assigned transactions to the users. On execution of any transaction assigned to the user, system runs another RFC defined for that particular transaction. RFC then fetch / commit the required data and pass it on front end-system.


Inspection Lot Processing in Portal

Intial Screen

QA32 Tcode in Portal. Input is the date Range, material type & Inspection Lot Selection with or without Usage Decision. System fetches the data from SAP R/3 system through RFC & display the following screen :

Results Recording

System pulls out the list of inspection lots with Inspection Lot #, Material #, Material Description (hidden), Batch #, etc. Check the check box for which results needs to be entered and press the results button, system displays following screen :

Rescults Recording

System pulls out the data for selected inspection lot with the related Master Inspection Chars maintained in the inspection plan for the material to record the results. Record results observed in the lab or on the production line & press Save. System will update the results in SAP R/3 system using RFC.

Usage Decision

After recoding the results, system brings back the above screen, check the check box for the inspection lot & press the Usage Decision Button and make the Usage decision for that inspection lot.

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