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Netweaver CE UI Part 1: VC & Web Dynpro Together

Introduction to the Series

There is already a great deal of high quality content available here on SDN covering the Java stack’s UI technologies. With this series, I do not want to cover those topics already covered elsewhere but rather share with you those little details that have not yet been covered or exciting features and techniques that are often overlooked. 

What I Hope to Accomplish

While providing what I hope to be new and insightful information, I will strive for a proper balance between theory and practice. What I mean by proper here is that I will try my best to provide enough concrete details to allow you to immediately put what you are learning to use in your projects (practice).  At the same time, I feel that it is just as important (if not more so) to understand the fundamental concepts and background underlying the topic at hand (theory).  This fundamental understanding is what really allows you to take something that you have read and apply it properly and effectively to your current project in a manner that yields true benefits. 

What to Expect

I plan to present a very diverse set of topics all related to the UI layer.  I will try to craft each installment around a specific real world example that you could potentially use on your day-to-day project work.  Future installments will touch on the following topics:

  • UI Componentization
  • Designing for reuse
  • New features
  • Tips & tricks
To Start Things Off…

In this first installment, I would like to give you a taste of what is to come with a screen cam highlighting a new and exciting integration feature available with Visual Composer in Netweaver CE EhP1.  The screen cam is based on a live demo that I presented at TechEd 2008 along side my colleagues Dafna Yanay, Patrick Pant, and Yariv Zur. 

The session was entitled “Web Dynpro and SAP NetWeaver Visual Composer – Which Tool Should I Use?” and covered how to make the correct choice of UI technology for your specific project needs and requirements.  To end the session, we presented a demo very similar to this one to show that you can actually use both Web Dynpro and Visual Composer together to leverage the powerful capabilities of both technologies. 


Screen cam:


I would like to hear your feedback and questions.  If you are interested in specific topics for future installments to this series please let me know. 

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  • Hi Michael!
    Very nice blog!
    Could you please upload the Project-Files in order to understand the integration of WD-components?

    Best regards,

    • Hi Dirk,

      Thanks for the feedback.  Unfortunately, posting the project files is not that easy.  The Web Dynpro components that were shown in the screen cam have dependencies on some ABAP RFCs and the underlying integration between VC and WD require use of an NWDI track. 

      I am currently putting together another blog that will describe step-by-step how to use the WD/VC integration using a simplified WD component without back-end (RFC) dependencies.  I will update you with the link as soon as it is posted. 

      Best regards,

    • Hi Thomas,

      Sorry for the delayed response… still catching up on things after holiday vacation. 

      It sounds like you are using the web-based Visual Composer environment.  As of EhP1, VC is also available within NetWeaver Developer Studio (NWDS).  Currently, you can only consume Web Dynpro components using the NWDS version. 

      Are you using the web-based VC or NWDS? 

      Hope this helps,

      • Hello Michael!
        Thanks for your answer!
        Yes we are using the VC NWDS version.
        But we have many problems and get many errors with the NWDS.
        Please tell me which support package are you using.
        Regards, Thomas
        • Hi Thomas,

          I have successfully used the WD/VC integration in several NWDS 7.1 EhP1 support packages (SP01, SP02, and SP03).  Can you provide some details on the problems/errors you are seeing? 

          Best regards,