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Looking for a better world

Was just thinking, when is it that I/we can say a good thing happened? Perhaps the answer is if we have felt that an improvement was made in an existing thing. At least an attempt towards improvement can give a positive feeling that we are on our way to achieving the goals set for.


As consultants working with the ERP technologies we are in the front seat shouldering the responsibility to help businesses do well. It’s very important that we understand the application well and give all of its advantages to the customer. The ERP Space seems to have made a paradigm shift with the blending of SOA architecture. The NetWeaver advantage is all set to help business to be more efficient operating seamlessly across the entire IT landscape providing critical information for better decision making. 

However there are still plenty of challenges in this world… across different areas which may be a) Technological b) Social c) Economical etc.  




  • Since the world is becoming a smaller place by the day with the kind of connectivity across different systems it always poses a risk of security. For example, if an online business wants to use credit cards over the internet then the confidentiality is of utmost importance. Any breach of security would make the model of internet business itself as a question mark.
  • Easier setup and maintenance of heterogeneous systems with less downtime.
  • Need for better health care systems which can detect problems in earlier stages.




  • The number people living under the poverty line.
  • Need for improved literacy rates.




  • I. Need for proper corporate governance in the face of economic downturns. It may be natural to have up and down movements in an economy but the swing should not be so high that people / organizations find it difficult to survive and face a threat to vanish. The current financial crisis has literally ripped through the chest of most companies finding difficult to get a hold of the situation. It’s very important the roots are identified and treated /covered well so that we are in a better position to handle it the next time.


The list can get as big as it can….  The important I would like to drive here is the world has problems and thus has opportunities. Individuals / organizations which seek to be innovative providing solutions are always on high demand. We can see an improvement, as an individual doing whatever best we can. It does not matter how small or big the change we bring in, but what does matter is there is some improvement or at least an attempt. I am sure the word “Innovative” is something which will gain lot of prominence in the days to come. The EU has already announced that the year 2009 is going to be named as European Year of Creativity and Innovation


I recollect an example from my elementary school, where Mother Teresa was asked in an interview that the change (social change) she is bringing in is only a drop in an ocean… so how much does it matter? Mother Teresa replied “What we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But if that drop was not in the ocean, I think the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.” A quote, something which changed the way I looked at things forever.


2008 has really been very good year for me in terms of personal/professional and individual levels. I guess, I could get many things done with some spots still be worked on. The identified areas of improvement, the new areas to learn makes me more interested to go ahead. That gives me a lot of energy and belief to look into 2009.


I wish all of us become  happier in the new year and enjoy every bit of living, making the world a better place to live for us and for all and forever…..


Wish You All A Wonderful New Year 2009.

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