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SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation – why you need it now more than ever.

The current business climate requires a company to react quickly to its financial and operational performance. Having visibility is not sufficient; the company must be able to adjust quickly to avoid cascading business failures. This statement is well understood and I am sure anyone reading this is wondering why read this blog.

I must emphasize that I am not a marketer or a sales person. I am a solution (product) manager for SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation. I must start by stating the obvious.

A business can improve their ability to react to the external changes they face with SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise Performance Management solutions. The suite of solutions supports a full closed loop business cycle from strategy to execution to analysis to allowing for real-time adjustments. The Enterprise Performance Management solution can work with the added advantage of having complimenting solutions for SAP Governance, Risk and Compliance. There is simply no other vendor with the solution required for these trying times.

We know all companies require a solution to plan and monitor their business performance. SAP offers one of many performance management solutions available in the market, SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation. Why is this solution more suited for today’s economic crisis? The major advantages in my opinion are:

  1. Visibility
  2. Collaboration
  3. Agility
  4. Integration

Visibility – SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation reaches more users in your organization. With the solution Web and Microsoft Office interface, more users can have visibility into their impact on the organization. No longer are key performance indicators available to only a few managers and business analysts. More users can react by updating the current business results and plans to reflect their new business expectations. Now the impacts are visible throughout the company in real-time. The solution can be rolled-out, with little to no training, across the enterprise. In addition, the total cost of ownership is low with centralized application management; the details go beyond the purpose of this blog and deserve their own discussion.

Collaboration – SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation provides functionality for the users to collaborate with other business users and management. With a shared common view of the actual business performance, the user can share commentary and other supporting documents to make informed decisions. This added information allows the user to take action to improve their portion of the organization’s performance. Bi-directional communication will enable the business user to adjust plans to reflect a more realistic business projection in real-time.

Agility – SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation is managed by the business user not the information technology user. Therefore, when the business requires changes, the solution can be immediately modified by those who have the business context. No other solution is designed to be managed by the authorized business user. Changes in the business requirements can be made in real-time to allow for quick decision-making.

Integration – SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation is a multi-source solution. With two platforms available, Microsoft and NetWeaver, information can be obtained from multiple sources to provide a complete view of the business. Automation of data acquisition and distribution increases the ability to have current data at the fingertips of the business user. Integration goes beyond data; it also includes the access to information regarding strategy, risk and many other data points to allow a fully informed decision and quick action.

These four attributes help a business navigate through the current economic crisis. Without full participation from the entire organization, opportunities will be missed. Any opportunity found requires change in the business with quick response time. SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation can help you and your organization find opportunities, take corrective actions and response quickly to avoid any business failures.

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  • Laura

    Good blog. It would be great if you can indicate how collaboration is enabled through SAP Business Objects Planning and Consolidation product for the benefit of our BPXers.


    • Thank you.
      The collaboration functionality I am referring to are: comments and content library.
      Comments enable an end-user to associate an annotation to any combination of members within an application.  These textual notations can be sent or retrieved directly in Excel (fully qualified meta data or associated to a specific meta data combination) or via web reporting with or without a full history of comments for their association.  Let's take the example of a entity type dimension with a location of Paris.  A user can enter text regarding the operations of Paris.  This is unique as most solutions require a comment to be placed on a specific cell (fully qualified for all dimensions) or record in the database.  Of course, we can support this level of detail if required.
      The second is the use of files; documents, presentations, video, spreadsheets or any other file type needed to explain to a user or set of users a business scenario.  These files are secured to be viewed by specific users when published. Similar to comments they can be associated to application meta data or simply global to all applications.  Files are organized and can be found using filters or links from Excel spreadsheets.
      The use of either or both of these features allows the user to fully explain a business situation to allow for fully informed decisions.

      Regards, Laura

  • Hi Laura,

    I have installed and configuring both tools ( BPC and BOB FC). I think BOB FC is better  tool consolidation SAB PC , however BPC is better in planning because FC doesn´t have planning. Could we run with both tools? Is posible integration?

    BPC v7.1 is ready to use? Do you have user documentation?

    With both tools will be a perfect strategic performance. Then we can use BI tool by BOBJ.

    I´d like to know your opinion about this issue, use BOB FC o BPC? or both?

    Sorry for my english and best regards
    IT Consultant (BOB FC - SAP BPC)

  • Dear Laura,

    I have this White Paper

    SAP Business Planning & Consolidation – Authentication Model
    Author: Laura Di Tomasso
    Company: SAP Labs, LLC
    Created on: 11 September 2007

    I will need to understand the infrastructure of the 7.x releases and the related authentication configuration
    for both configuration, Microsoft and Netweaver.

    I need the infrastructure configuration supported by SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) release 7.x.

    Can you help me?

    I thank you in advance for your kind attention.

    Best regards

    Gustavo FRa