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Creating a Task Management Application with Visual Composer

Hi all,
My name is Maya Halevi and I’m from Visual Composer development group  which is located in Israel.
Visual Composer for enhancement package 1 for SAP NetWeaver CE 7.1 provides a range of new functionality, including the ability to drag and replace services, create simulated services, ALV table configuration, and enhanced image support.
In my demo, I show how you can use these new features.


You are welcome to download the trial version of  EhP1 of CE 7.1 from this link and do it yourself!

I will be happy to get your comments,
Good luck!

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  • Maya,
    I believe that  in EhP1, it is possible to use the Visual Composer  in NetWeaver Developer Studio? If so, can you please comment on what are the benefits of doing the same in browser? 
    Actually I find lot more flexibility in using NetWeaver Developer Studio as the developmental platform.
    • Hi,
      Most of the features found in Visual Composer can be found in both versions.
      The decision to use each flavor depends on the persona using it. A developer might find the NWDS more appealing whereas a business expert might find a zero installation version more suitable.
      On a personal note, I always start with the browser.

      We will be happy to hear about your plans for working with Visual Composer and be happy to assist and cooperate.
      You are welcome to contact us at:

      Best regards,

      • Thanks for your reply Maya comparing the relative merits of using VC on different platforms.
        Actually I am a bit new to these tools, but have already used the browser version of VC to quickly put together a simple consumer for my .NET 3.5 WCF based service I modeled in ESR.

        Before EhP1, I had some difficulty in publishing my service in SR as WCF is not yet directly supported by the SAP .NET tool for publication. However, I got the guidance from the SAP developer in .NET forum to try EhP1, and could easily control the finer details of service publication.
        During this process, while going through new features of EhP1, I found out that VC is now also available as an NWDS plug-in. I was pleased to see it working exactly the same way as the browser version. So now I have more opportunities to design/develop and deploy software staying within the same development environment. 

        As a software architect, I see tremendous potential of this (constantly evolving) Visual Composer product to pain-free put together integration solutions, and really appreciate the prompt guidance and support of SAP professionals I have been getting through SDN forums, blogs, and screen casts. (I would certainly contact your competent team when I get stuck again)

        By the way, I somehow couldn’t listen to any audio in this wonderful screen cast. Did you actually record any sound with it?

  • How are you?

    Next week In Ness I will be instructing a course on VC CE.

    It will be for Employees of the Israeli Aerospace Industry.

    I will use your Demo to demonstrate the new capabilities that EHP1 bring to customers.