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I am here at my company’s guest house out of my home office, supporting a project team around the holiday season!! Well atleast something to keep me busy……., but thats only for 8 – 9 hours a day. For, rest of the idle time I have decided to introspect my life on the professional front. Plan to improvise on mistakes, set new targets, and develop a how to guide…….to achieve them.

Well the headline of 2008 for me has been, my coming of age as a SAP Netweaver Consultant/Developer, with knowledge and experience of implementing People Integration(EP), Information Integration(MDM) and the Process Integration(PI) layer of the stack. I guess, now I can term myself as one ?? 🙂

2008 for me started on a leaner note, with my contribution and coordination towards conducting several trainings for the project team.Reaching the pinnnacle of my company’s internal certifications(Co-sponosred with Massachusetts Institute of Technology,USA).It was when I got this assignment a MDM – Portal implementation, did the roller coaster ride began. Configuring Portal MDM Business packages, Using MDM Java APIs, Creating Tables, Importing records into the repository using MDM rich clients, developing UDFs for completing PI’s Graphical Java Mappings etc.. all these kept me busy during the major part of the year. Not to mention, the invaluable professional lessons I learnt from my careless mistakes.

Of my last assignment, I am particularly proud of the custom excel sheet import manager, I designed and developed using Java classes written with MDM Java APIs, well more on that in one of the following blogs.

Well after coming back to my home office, the highlight has been my first Community day at SAP Labs, Bangalore and the sense of identification I attained, with the community.After the Tech Ed, I started looking for a SOA implementation on Netweaver and move up the value chain 😉 but couldn’t get one as I was asked to move into support my current project on immidieate basis.

After getting used to this location for this short duration and with holiday season at its peak, I have changed gears for the time being, moved into an introspective mood, trying utilise my time to the max, doing a recap of my learnings/experiences throughout this important year, all of which I have been or will be sharing with the community in the coming days i.e. hopefully before this year comes to an end.

Let’s all hope the year 2009 enters on a positive note for the community and the world, and we get to have more challenging work, newer facets of the SAP technology to learn and implement.

Cheers !!

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