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Meet us in Philadelphia

Per the rules of the SAP Community Day wiki page, I’m blogging about an upcoming event. I posted the event to an SDN wiki page and to an ASUG wiki page a few weeks ago, so this blog is more about the technology around the event than the event itself. Which, of course, isn’t much of an event, because the the main event is not open to the public, being a planning meeting for ASUG volunteers.  If you’re in the Philadelphia area and can get downtown on a Saturday night, BITI will be there in force. And over 100 other SAP community volunteers.

We will be planning the 2009 Annual Conference, which overlaps SAP Sapphire, as well as physical and virtual events for the year.

Not too long ago, I started putting wiki pages on the ASUG web site.  The tool set is similar to what SDN uses, and more like what is on Collaboration Workspace.  Whether it’s like the upcoming SAP docupediA – SAP NetWeaver’s interactive documentation I could not yet tell you.

The tools allow collaborative edits, so I started a page called “Who is going to Philadelphia?”, then waited for community input.  I did a webcast (closed circuit if you will) to show how to use the tools and got the first few entries.  Then I noticed The Bug.  I don’t get along with Bugs, and this one was no exception.  Like SDN wiki, ASUG’s has “Plain Text” and “Wiki Markup”. Oh wait, Plain Text is Wiki Markup.  So it has Rich Text and Wiki Markup. No, SDN, has that; ASUG has Rich Text and Plain Text.

Back to The Bug.  Sue Keohan added Revision 8; the Bug changed my name from “Jim” to “Jim”.  Why?  I don’t know, but by trial and error, I found if I went in, used the Plain Text editor, and removed the offending backslash, it stayed out until the next person edited with the Rich Text Editor.  Some people added their intent as comments, which is great, and I’ll give extra credit to the one who alphabetized the list.  By the way, Sue did nothing to my content on purpose.

As this happened before, it was time to open The Bug Report.  Long story short — it’s been over 2 weeks and I have no idea who if anyone is working the bug.  I’m not even sure if the support team understands the issue.  

The cute identity card icon is auto-magically added by the wiki software when I put my name in the markup text as:


Don’t ask me how I found my identity number is 51247, but it is.

A well-meaning support person “fixed” the page with a later revision, using this markup:


This appears to be another way to access the underlying identity management software routines, with the undesired side effect of displaying my full name, not the intended nickname. I backed that fix out the next day.

To see the latest sign-up wiki page, login to then go to “Who’s going to Philadelphia?”  If you’ll be there, let us know.  I’ll be tweeting it, no doubt.

For 2009 SAP community day events, go to the SDN wiki page “Community Events“.

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