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A word of explanation.

There are two sets of clues for this crossword, cryptic and straight.  Both lead to the same answers.  Straight clues are quite straightforwards, and you may choose to use them from the start – I’d suggest, however, that you give the cryptic clues a chance.

Cryptic clues involve word play and puns, but usually somewhere within them is a definition that leads to the answer.  The word play then serves for confirm the answer.  So.  “Confused drive found underwater. (5)” The answer is diver which comes directly from the straight part found underwater.  An anagram is where you take the letters of a word, and form a new word (or words) by using all the letters, without repeating, in a different order.  In this clue, the word confused indicates an anagram.  And diver is indeed an anagram of drive.

Here’s another.  “Short first dainty” (4).  The answer is prim.  How so?  Well, prim. is a short form of primary, which means first.  And prim also means dainty.

Many of the answers to this crossword are SCN, SAP and IT related.  Some, though, are simply there because the word fits into the grid! 

If you decide to use the straight clues, and you get stuck – take a look at the cryptic again – it might give you another hint.  Enjoy!

The crossword


The cryptic clues


 1    (and 1D) Rig chemical about community evangelist.  (5,6)
 7    Sounds like BOBJ and God are on the same songsheet, creating this. (8)
 8    Strikes bells for harmonious sounds. (6)
 9    Yeaworth creature stored without format in the database. (4)
12    Drink with sympathy becomes a Broadway production. (3).
14    Initially, wisdom is key indicator for collecting knowledge collaboratively. (4).
15    eXtended, it’s four letters. (3)
18    With controlled delete, shuts down. (3)
20    We hear result of cut and paste in the forums is of no benefit. (9)
22    “You’d better join in!”, declares Siegfried Boes, repeatedly. (3)
23    Affirmative in polyester. (3)
25    Program a bun. (4)
27    Knit losing head produces link. (3)
30    Hunger for big integer. (4)
31    Uses message type A – wild or bats? (6)
33    After Ctrl-Alt-Delete, let chaos return to the land. (8).
34    Counterfeit moron. (5)


 1    See 1A.
 2    Scent from a gypsy. (5)
 3    Point gaming – result conjectured, we hear. (5)
 4    Spiky sphere in windows game. (7)
 5    Under? Shout, take down a litre! (5)
 6    Server side script engine bites Cleopatra. (3)
10    Midget, famously describing spotted bikini (5).
11    Dances to the forum software. (5)
13    Consumer has a meal. (5)
15    Adjust SAPGui. (5)
16    Shock revolt. (5)
17    Picture this file. (3)
19    Looks like binary two. (3)
21    A gun? Thy wild point-hunter! (7)
24    In a relationship diagram, horror film might appear. (6)
26    Might Portugal swap Lichenstein in bloom? (5)
28    Netted reverse sticker. (5)
29    Bulletin board – unsure of purpose? (5)
32    Four bits represented in one within the xylophone. (3)

The straight clues


 1    (and 1D) SCN Community Evangelist. (5,6)
 7    Absolutely everything. (8)
 8    Bells. (6)
 9    Unstructured database entry. (9)
12    Popular English drink from India. (3)
14    A collaboratively editable web site. (4)
15    Three letter acronymn/abbreviation. (3)
18    One of the keys used to log into XP. (3)
20    Without reason. (9)
22    ABAP construct that isn’t usually as well performing as an Inner Join. (Abbreviated) (3)
23    Affirmative.(3)
25    SAP’s established programming language. (4)
27    Specifies an address on the internet. (3)
30    Not short. (4)
31    Gives up. (6)
33    Reoccupy land formerly abandoned. (8)
34    Baby’s pacifier. (5)


 1    See 1A
 2    Smell. (5)
 3    Invited person. (5)
 4    Mechanical/electrical arcade game. (7)
 5    Underneath. (5)
 6    Microsoft’s first server side script engine. (3)
10    She wore an itsy _____ teeny weeny yellow poker dot bikini. (5).
11    Dances. (5)
13    One who consumes. (5)
15    Adjust slightly. (5)
16    Horrify. (3)
17    Graphic file format. (3)
19    First two digit number in the denary system. (3)
21    Badly behaved. (7)
24    A being having existence. (6)
26    Energy. (5)
28    Tied shoes. (5)
29    Online place for discussion. (5)
32    Base 16. (3)

The solution will be posted in due course, along with explanations to the cryptic clues.

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  1. Former Member
    I am stuck on 15 across. I am using “PLZ” (long form “PLZZ”) but it does not work.

    This is like a global constant which is messing up all my other answers.

    Can we also report bugs? Is there a switch framework? ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. Former Member
        Thanks Suresh! I am only reading this now (been very busy with Matt’s crossword :-).

        To you also a very festival time (which ever is next) and all the best for the current year 2009!


  2. Former Member
    Did you ever post the solution, or did anyone ever “knack” it?

    I think it can be done quite easily using the STATIC statement and view clusters to the crossword, which makes the end result a multi-dimensional cube.

    But I am not sure whether that is supported.

    Any submissions worth publishing? Or do you want the full code? ๐Ÿ˜‰



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