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Editor’s Picks: Best BPX Community Content of 2008

As the senior editor of the BPX Community homepage (and the BPX Monthly newsletter) since the launch of the community, I’ve watched the community grow and expand its reach, from its humble beginnings of two areas (Analytics and SCM) to today’s 34 areas plus Getting Started. And as the community has grown, so have the amount and quality of content.

Where once I had to squeeze blood from the proverbial stone to eek out enough features for the homepage each week, I’m now in the enviable position of having so much good content available that there isn’t enough room to feature it!

So this year I decided to take the next step and produce a list of my top picks for BPX content in 2008.

The criteria were simple: It had to be something I featured on a BPX homepage during 2008, and it had to be something I personally thought provided value to the community. Oh, and I had to stick to 10 items. That was truly the hard part, as I had featured well over 200 items over the year, and my first attempt to narrow it down wound up with 50 items!

So here, without further ado, is my list, in chronological order of when the items were featured:

Those are my top ten.

I’d like to round off this blog with a highlight of two more pieces of meta-content from BPX team members that should prove helpful for those thinking of creating content but who haven’t tried it yet:

And with that, I say Happy Holidays, and I look forward to bringing you more good BPX content in 2009!

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