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Globalization ~ Balancing the World

Globalization ~ ICE and Eskimos


There’s legendary quote in sales world that “a great sales person can sell the Ice to Eskimos”. The point is not that you are wasting the greatest talent of the sales person to sell the ice to the Eskimos who has lot of it. However it will be better if this Ice is sold to the African or gulf countries where any dick and harry sales person can sell it easily. This is Globalization.


Yeah, you have great thinking and come with doubt that ice will melt while transporting. Sorry but Ice is only used as symbol here for the sake of Quote. It makes much better sense that if you have great resources in one place and you have no market there for it, it’s better to utilize it in the global market where it’s a premium resource. For example- Gold in Africa, Oil in gulf, Arms of G-5 nations etc. Other example is that sending Ancient medicines, various medication techniques etc.


Globalization helps in balancing the world and its resources and nothing else. Be it the natural resources, man made products or even people. Everything is trade able and being used by global organizations.






Nothing better represents globalization than see-saw. Whoever has the more supply has the upper hand. However there should be enough demand also at other places. Without demand, the supply is of no use. Whole world is just trying to make this see-saw completely balanced, however which only possible in an ideal world.


With this, concluding this part. Thanks for reading this completely. I welcome your question that why simply I was writing this and what’s the motive of writing this. I am really sorry for the answer, the true answer is that some thoughts were fighting in my brain and just wanted to put it across the global audience. Globalization! Jeff Westcott shares his perspective and blogging experiences in  No, I expect you to die….




Above shared views are my personal views and might not synchronize with my company views.

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      This blog throws light on globalisation in a simplistic approach!
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      You said...'Globalization helps in balancing the world and its resources and nothing else.'

      What you should have said is "Globalization is nothing more than the product of a corporation’s search for profit."