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Buy 1 Take Unlimited Free System’s Master/Identity Data

Buy 1 Take Unlimited Free Master/Identity Data  


Continuing the previous blog on We are Customer Master Data depicted that we are only the customers of the organizations and why they should properly maintain our master data.



Shopping Offers

It’s Vacation, cheering and shopping time cause of Christmas, year end and New Year. We all love shopping and same with me as well. It’s a great buster of stress as well as purse (depends who is shopping). To continue with shopping, we come across many attractive discounts/offers. They make shopping more pleasurable. There are many offers are in competitive market provided by almost everyone; offers where company/shop offers buy 2 get 3 or buy 1 get 1 free or 50% off. However there is a limit to which a company/shop can offer such discounts. Now there are even offers which cannot make sense to any one in world except the company offering it or customers buying it. Such example of an offer is buy 1 get 6 free.  

MDM Offers

The above offer of buy1 get 6 free sounds insane to anyone however something struck my head. This kind of offer makes sense in terms of master/identity data. I really believe that those offers were not inspired by software industry like IDM or MDM. MDM and IDM system offers the same kind of huge discounts for organizations in terms of efforts required in multiple system of their IT landscape. Instead of creating and maintaining master/identity data separately  in multiple ERP, CRM, SRM, BI, EP system in multiple countries etc, it make sense to create and maintain in 1 place and send it to all the systems automatically and moreover even as per their requirements. This MDM/IDM solution resembles quite with buy 1 get 6 free if the organization is maintaining 6 different systems master/identity data with the help of MDM/IDM solution. However there is no limit to this free numbers of systems in this case of maintaining master/identity data. SAP-MDM can play a role in non-SAP landscapes (Plug and Play) offers more information.

 IDM Offers

Similar to MDM, IDM too offers the same discount to organizations. The Roles and Authorizations has to be maintained separately in all the systems in landscape. However they can be maintained from a central system.





This blog starts on lighter side of business benefit in terms of efforts for maintaining Master/Identity Data. The Basic offer is simple; less efforts are required eliminating redundant multiple efforts for same work and Improved processes. TCO is less and ROI can also be measured in terms of reduction of efforts.

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