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Assigning Existing and Custom Documentation to Duet Reports

This blog is intended to give you details on how to add documentation to a Duet Report template.

Report documentation can be very valuable to a user in providing instructions on how a report should be used, what parameters can be entered and how to evaluate the results. 

The following are types of documentation that can be included.

1) Program documentation is available for a program from transaction SE38. If you navigate to transaction se38 and enter the program name of a report and choose the documentation radio button, this existing documentation can be used by Duet reports.

2) Custom documentation is general text documents that can be used for the documentation of a Duet Report. An administrator can create their own custom instructions. Since display and default values for Duet parameters can be customized in the Duet IMG in the SAP backend, customizing documentation can reflect these changes.

For Duet 1.5 SP1, program(existing) documentation is only available for ERP reports and not BI reports.  If you would like documentation for BI reports, then custom documentation must be created.

Assigning Documentation to Duet Reports

1)     In the designated SAP master system, navigate to the Duet IMG by entering transaction SIMGH

2)     Choose the project Duet Implementation Guide and click on the display icon


3) Navigate to Duet Report Administration and click on the green checkmark next to Create Report Catalogs.

4) Double click on the Report Catalog where the report you would like to modify exists and then on the Report Selection folder to view all the reports.


5)  Double click on the Report Template you would like to add documentation to.


To determine if program documentation exists, select the flag Display documentation to users.  Choose the Existing Documentation Radio button and click on the Display button. 


If program documentation is available, a popup will show the contents of what can be displayed in the Duet template e-mail body.


If you want to use this, save the report template using the existing documentation option.

Creating Custom Documentation

If you would like to create your own, choose the Custom Documentation radio button and click on the Document Maintenance button.


You will be automatically directed to the standard SAP transaction SE61 Document Maintenance screen. 

  • Choose the Document Class “General Text” (ID = TX) and required language
  • In the document name field, enter the custom text name you will be creating.   Click on the Create button.  

This text will only be available to user’s logging in under the language assigned to this document text.  


Enter in the new text that will be displayed for the report template. 


Save the text and activate it by clicking on the activation icon image.

Use the Green arrow to back out until you are in the report template configuration screen again. 

Enter in the value of the new document text that you created, in the custom documentation field and save the report template.


6) To view the documentation, logon to a client that has access to this report template. Once the report templates get resynchronized,  you will see the documentation in the email body, under the long text of the report template in Outlook.


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