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Simplifying Authorizations handling with MDM ( Idendity Management ) {reloaded April 09 2008}

This blog discusses to explore possibilities of using MDM for managing authorizations….


Simplifying Authorizations handling with MDM 


I was working on CMDM, while this question struck me. In CMDM, there was an activity of roles and authorizations in all systems involved in CMDM. It was quite challenging to carry out integration of roles and authorizations required in various processes and systems involved, since some users required authorizations for multiple systems. This problem can be more interesting and challenging for eSOA.



To-be state 

Since I am working on MDM, I thought why its not possible to bring all the authorizations to a central place! Why MDM can not be used to create and manage the authorizations centrally and then distributed to all the other systems involved! Moreover this can be achieved by extending the Employee master in MDM.


MDM Autho



This could also simplify the process of single sign-on as password change can also be managed centrally in one go for all concerned systems. SAP MDM will act as  backbone of such a scenario by providing updated authorizations to all the relevant systems with the help of XI.





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Above shared views are my personal views and might not synchronize with my company views. This blog was written and published before joining SAP.

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