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Do they care it”s Chrstmas??

Mistletoe and Whine

Yup, it’s that time again, when the shops go mad, and the people go madder, I am sure that people forget that shops nowadays, open, in the main, the day after Boxing day, you don’t actually have to spend the sum total of a small countries debt at Christmas on food and drink, then do it all again at New Year, or if like me, you have a corner store near by, going to be open Christmas day 7am till 12 noon, Boxing Day 6 am till 12 noon for all those forgotten items, comprising of batteries mainly.

I hate shopping at this time of year, I’m not talking about the present buying, that can be fun, I’m on about the weekly shop in the local supermarket, for some reason, common sense, as well as common decency seems to be forgotten on December 1st, to be replaced by bloody mindedness, self gratification, and loathing for your fellow man, add to this a siege mentality that a Knights Templar would have be proud of, all adds up to the worst time of year.
I have a Tesco’s, a Sainsbury’s and a Lidl’s within walking distance of me, they all may as well get the turrets and siege engines up, because that is what it is like. Last week I went into one of thee battle zones, to rescue a poor defenceless frozen chocolate cake, so, I walk into this scene of carnegie, there is crying, there is tantrums, there is World War III and IV being waged in the aisles, and that is just from the adults.

I walk up to where I know they are, just to check they have some, I want a few other bits, but don’t want to take the cake out of the freezer until I am going to the till, sure enough I can see at least 6 or 8, so I am happy.
Rummaging in the freezer is this lady who is clearly having a bad day, and is taking it out on the cheesecake’s next door, poor things, you could almost see them cowering in the back of the freezer.

So I leave her to it to go and look at the other things I want, then come back to the freezer, just as I get to it, Miss Rummage is back, she rips the door of the freezer open, throws the cheesecake that she had searched for back in, then grabs at the top cake from the pile, then, just as my hand is reaching out to do the same, she slams the freezer door shut, missing my fingers by a few centimeters, I pull my hand back and look at her, all she does is glare at me, and storms off. Ok, I think, really bad day, so I get the cake in question, and walk to the tills, to find Miss Smash and Grab now throwing the contents of her trolley on to the converabelt, poor guy at the till doesn’t know what to do other than wait for her to calm down, really, really bad day. Why do people get like this about Christmas? Is it not meant to be a time of joy and happiness? If it isn’t, why bother?

One final word about Christmas, why oh why do we have to put up with the winner of a reality contest being number one, once upon a time it was great fun to see the classics being rereleased, or the latest pop sensation releasing a seasonal offering,and not forgetting old Cliff getting in on the act as well, now, bookmakers stop taking bets on the Christmas number one, what’s the point, it’s is going to be who ever wins X-Factor, sorry, but this for me is one reason I stopped caring about any music chart, they are manipulated by cynical people like Simon Cowell for there own ends and are not really a true reflection of genuine hard work, lets be honest, time was selling at least 1 million copies got you a number one at Christmas, now, it’s less than 100,00 downloads of a karaoke song.

I believe in Father Christmas!!

We had our software supplier down again this week, looking at Dashboards this time, they have created a suite of reports for us against our database, for which we are grateful, the only problem has been actually getting them to work, emails and phonecalls have been ok, but neither we or they felt that these have been moving forward very well.

So they came down to talk over our concerns and issues, we talked about what we would like to see, what we wouldn’t and generally thrash out the look and feel. It went well, we all came away with a far better understanding of each others position, they have some work to do, to an agreed time scale, which is something else that has been difficult to pin them down on, and we have a few things also to do.

This has been very productive and they will be back in the New Year to ensure that we are all happy.

Regular readers may recall that I have been having some issues with a lady from another office, one who wanted the job I got, didn’t get it and kind of blames me.

She has handed in her notice and she leaves at the end of December, she has been a bit of a pain to work with becuase of this, and while I cannot and will not go into some of the things that have gone on recenlty with her on this blog, needless to say i am not overtly upset that she is leaving.

I do fear however, that her attitude, assuming that the one I and others here have to contend with, is actually her normal one, may just land her in a lot of trouble, and I do wonder based on the limited information she has given us, if the role she is touting, is actually the role she is doing, based on the role as she described it, and knowing her non existant knowledge in the area of Database Management and creation, what she says is going to be her role, I do worry, not so much for her, but for the company she is going to.

It got me wondering if when we leave one job for another, do we embellish what we will be doing to make it seem even better, looking back when I changed jobs and started here, not sure I did that, i didn’t have much to go on really as the role was going to be better defined after I started.

Still, I guess this is not my problem, it is for her new employers in the New Year to decide if she is up to the task, and deal accordingly.

Thanks for listening, have a Happy Christmas and great New Year and in the words of old St Nick, ‘The beard, does it make me look a bit like a dirty old man?’

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  • Thanks for your delightful musings.  I love the local flair you give.  Reading your blogs is sort of like evesdropping in some pub in the middle of London.  Of course, reading (in my mind's ear) with my best British accent completes the illusion nicely.  Cheers!  And Merry Christmas to you too!