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Work center and Navigation Link Creation in CRM 2007

Work center : A work center is a flexible grouping of Applications and Information that logically belong to each other from the view point of a Business Role.


Navigation bar : Navigation bar allows direct navigation to all entry pages and the most important searches. It proves maximum of 2 Level in Navigation.


Steps for Configuration of New Work center and Navigation Links . 

Step 1 : 

Go to T-code bar and use the Transaction – CRMC_UI_NBLINKS  or follow the path –

SPRO – IMG – CRM – UI Frame work – Technical role definition – Define Navigation bar profile .


Open the Standard Navigation bar profile of Sales Professional and Copy it and Rename it as ZSalesPro and description as ABC Sales Professional  . Copy with its dependant entries.


Define Logical Links first – Go to New Entries and fill the necessary data in and according to the business requirement . Save it


Type of Logical Links – Workcentre , Link , Launch Transaction , BI Report. Choose any 1 of them and save it.





Step 2 :Select your Profile and Double click on Define Work centre Link Groups and go for New Entries and fulfill the necessary information .





In the Group type you can select the Options like – No Classifcation, Create,  Search & Reports – Chooose as per your requirement.


Step 3 : Now Assign Links By Double clicking on Assign Links and go for New Entries and maintain Logical Link id and Position as shown in the below screen shot  for an example.






Logical Link which you are Assigning may be Creation of Transaction , Searching of Transaction , Reports or Url  or BOR Transaction. Save it .


Step 4 : Double Click on the Define Workcentre and go for New Entries fill the necessary data, as mentioned below , choose the Logical Link which you have created in First step.







Step 5 : After Completing the above process Select Assign Groups under Work Center , define New entries and Maintain Group ID , which we have created in step 2 .





Step 6 : Select profile on the left hand side – Choose our Navigation Bar Profile and Double click on Assign Work center under Define Profile . Go to New Entries and maintain your Work center (Choose your Work center from Value help option) and maintain its position.







Step 7 :The most important thing after the completion of all the above process – we have to assign this Navigation Bar profile into Business role , then only we can able to view our newly configured Work center.


Go to CRMC_UI_PROFILE – Select our profile , go to the Details by clicking glass button and change the Navigation Bar Profile and save it.





Now check in your Role – it should be displayed it as below.




Now will add some Navigation Links to this Work center ABC – Links can be URL , Transactin Launcher , Creation of new Transactions


As we have already created a Logical Link in Step – 3 we needed to activate in Business roles – follow below path for Activating – Use T-code in T-code Bar CRMC_UI_Profile and select your profile and and double click on Adjust work center Group Links .






In the above In Menu means – It shows as an Second Level Navigation and Visible means – When we click on ABC Work center on the right hand side of Work center area Hub that link will be displayed.


After the above process – Double click on Adjust Direct Link Groups by selecting ABC work center .





Like the above – In case if we have created more Direct link groups – we can able to see here and have to Check as Visible . Finally save it and check in the Business roles.


Final Output is displayed as below.




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