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Translation of a Composite Application

h2.  +Introduction+  When you develop a composite application the original language of the texts you use is either English or the native language of the development team. As soon as you want to deliver your composite application, however, the user interface should display the language of the end users allowing them to easily perform their daily work.   The translation of those texts doesn’t come automatically, though. It needs the involvement of language editors and translators to ship an internationalized product. Whereas internationalization deals with everything that has to do with adjusting an application to the local customs, e.g. read from right to left instead of left to right, use the date format in the correct localized manner, the translation only deals with the texts that need to be converted from the original development language to the language of the local end user.   To support this translation scenario in the development of a composite application on SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment (NW CE or CE for short), SAP provides tools that extract translatable texts from the application and inject the additional langue specific files into the right place in the application structure later on. Currently these tools support the following CE technologies: 0.1. Guided Procedures (GP) 0.2. Visual Composer (VC) 0.3. Composite Application Framework (CAF) 0.4. Web Dynpro for Java (WD for Java)   This article describes the necessary process and the necessary tools to get the translatable texts out of the application, hand it over to a translation team and re-introduce the translated texts into the application again. This includes all SAP technologies that play a part in the development of a composite application.   h2.  +The Process+  This description is based on the following prerequisites: 0.1. You are using the SAP NW CE 7.1 Enhancement Package 1 or later and the corresponding NetWeaver Developer Studio (NWDS) 0.2.  All the source code of the composite application must be available in the DC structure in the NWDS. For this the manual integration of the browser based VC and GP development might be necessary *(see the online documentation on how to do this)*.0.1. During the translation phase the software cannot be changed to guarantee a seamless re-integration of translated texts. Therefore we recommend performing the translation in a consolidated software state. If you use NWDI for development we recommend to use the workspaces of the consolidation system for the translation process and to close it for development/bug fixing during the translation period. 0.2. The translation team can handle files that are either in the xlf-format or in the properties-format.   *The Process Steps:*   * Use the Development Infrastructure local tools to extract all translatable text files to a specified location. The tools will create a folder structure that mirrors the structure of the composite application. This folder structure contains only the translatable text files.  * Take this structure and hand it over to the translation experts. * Extraction Process
Extraction Process
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  • Hello Guenter,

    Thanks a lot for this very useful blog. However, since we're working on CE 7.10 SP7 as of right
    now, I am wondering if this method is also
    applicable to later SP of CE 7.10 ?

    We are having trouble making "Translation to
    Chinese" working for WD-Java 7.10; if you
    can help, please kindly check the following
    thread :

    Subject : I18n Support for WD-Java UI Elements
    on CE 7.10, Particularly Chinese text

    /community [original link is broken]

    Thanks a lot!
    Ying-Jie Chen

    • Hi Ying-Jie Chen,

      The functionality of the text extraction and injection is delivered with the NW Developer Studio 7.11. However, it is not bound to this release. You can download a 7.11 Developer Studio connect it to your development track and use the functions from there.

      Since the text extraction should be a central step anyhow, I guess one 7.11 Developer Studo should be enough to fulfill this task.

      I hope this is a feasible approach for you.

      Best regards,

  • Hi,

    There is any way to implement this solution over SAP Netweaver 7.0.

    We need to translate a wide variety of Guided Procedures Processes from Spanish to Portuguese.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

    Best regards