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SAP CRM 2007- a Few Improvement Areas

We have seen a great list of good and new features of CRM 2007.  The new CRM 2007 is truly end-user friendly and got a new look with so many good features. There are so many Blogs which are explaining the features and advantages of new CRM 2007. I am also one of the people who praise the new features and advantages of CRM 2007. However there are few Improvement areas to make CRM 2007 a perfect solution.


Although most of us praising new SAP CRM 2007, according to few authors the SAP CRM 2007 still a “Nightmare”.




In this blog I am going to discuss a few improvement areas in SAP CRM 2007, which needs to have a second look in the succeeding versions, if possible. A few of them are:


1)   Until CRM 5.0 the end-user used to have all the tabs in a single row of a Transaction as shown in the below slide: Here as an example I have shown the overview page of a Campaign.




At the end of all ‘Tab Keys’ (Assignment Block), we used to have an option to go to any specific Tab (Assignment Block) as shown below:



And the ‘Function keys’ also available if we right click as shown below:




So with the above option if the user clicks on this Icon 40 he can see all available assignment blocks in a pop-up and can move freely from one Tab (Assignment Block) to another according to his wish.


But in the CRM 2007 all the ‘Assignment Blocks’ are maintained one-by-one in a column as shown below:



So the User can not see all Assignment Blocks available and he can not select his required assignment Block directly. Every time he needs to scroll down the screen to view all the assignment blocks.


2)    As already few authors like Matthias Zeller and Gregor Wolf mentioned, I too agree with them. In SAP CRM 2007 you have to switch to a separate screen and choose the empty screen and choose the empty line from a drop down list, if the user wants to personalize the screen.



3)    I hope most of the users who started working on new CRM 2007 Web UI will agree with me in this point.


In the new Web UI screen, whenever the user choosing any option in a transaction or any personalization option, the system is taking few seconds (approx. 10 seconds) to process the next course of an action. Meanwhile the system is showing the pop-up as shown below




But whenever there is a click on any field it is doing the same which is an irritating task.

For example if the user wants to create a Campaign, He needs to fill 17 fields in the General Data itself, of course not all are mandatory. Apart from that there are a few other Assignment blocks needs to fulfill like–Segments/Notes/PartiesInvolved/Attachments/Products/CampaignElements/Planning/Contact Statistics/Change Documents etc… 

So if the system is populating the same every time and it is taking 10 seconds every time, obviously it is a time consuming process and imagine if the user needs to define the Campaign Automation settings also, how pathetic the situation is.


In generally the end-users will create so many orders per a day. He needs to fill so many details of the customer under different assignment blocks. In that is the case the user may not feel so good.


Below screens are the examples for the same:



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  • 1) On the assignment blocks:  If you have all the assignment blocks chosen that you wish to display you can drag and drop the order as needed.  In other words you can "default a block" to be in the aread of the screen that you want.  This really is an non-issue for our users as they can adjust the screen as they see fit.  So if you always use "tab Z" it can always appear on top.

    2) The homepage personalization can be reordered via drag and drop if everything is in place.  Honestly most places don't give more choices than what can appear. 

    3) Your performance issues are because your hardware is too small or your system not tuned properly.  Once again you need to do a proper quicksizing before upgrading.  Don't expect to be able to run the new solution on the same size hardware as the older solution.  However this is true for ERP and not just a CRM issue.  Most of my performance issues are due to network latency and not CRM related issues.

    Honestly your link to CRM nightmare didn't really make a claim that CRM 2007 is a nightmare.  I would be interested in your other sources that show that CRM 2007 is pain, as we have been live here for 5 months and it is not a nightmare for us.

    Thank you,


    • Hi Stephen,

      Thanks for your valuable feedback.

      As I mentioned in my blog also, I am also one among others who are praising CRM 2007.

      I have tried to cummulate few people openions on CRM 2007.The drag and drop facility is good, However if the user wants to have only selected or wants to remove one,in that case he needs to go the same steps as I mentioned right.Like that so many...

      There are few more organizations,still they are not satisfy with the overall performance of CRM 2007. Infact those all are their individual perceptions.

      Any ways I am not opposing your views. I have just tried to bring few such things to notice.

      Nice to interact with you,Stephen.

      Thanks & Regards,


      • Srikanth,

        Thank you for your blog, it is great to get discussion started on CRM here.  There is a definitely a lack of these types of conversations on SDN.  I also agree that there are some issues to address, but the key point is how are people solving the problem or do they know of alternatives.

        Personally my users hated the PCUI tab strip.  In fact the scrolling down the screen is not an issue.  Now my users never used the SAP GUI version of SAP CRM, so perhaps for a SAP GUI user this might be an issue.  The only thing I can say is that CRM 2007 behaves a lot more like your traditional web 2.0 application, than the PCUI.  I just don't see the issue, as a normal user will setup their screen in the fashion they deem fit and then leave it alone.

        On the performance issues, I personally believe those issues are due to not having their instance properly tuned or inadqueate hardware.  The only area were I still think the response time is "slow" is when you first login to the CRM webui.  However my SAP GUI response can be just as bad on other systems.  A key point is that if you don't have at least 100MB allocated for your shared memory buffers on the ABAP side, your system will run slower than dirt.  Another key point is that if it took you 30 seconds to save in the SAP GUI you will never get a faster response in the same web UI.  IMHO: most performance issues with normal data volumes are related to badly written custom code or improperly sized hardware.

        My last question is those with the performance or other issues, have they contacted SAP directly about those issues or tried to talk with SAP CRM 2007 customers on how to resolve those issues.  If performance is that "negative" of an issue, have they brought in remotely a performance and tuning consultant from SAP to help resolve their issue.  If there is something that can be fixed that might help all CRM 2007 users, then it should be brought up.

        Take care,


        • Hi Stephen,

          Sorry for the late reply.

          It's really nice to see your valid revert on this. I will check this with my technical team regarding poor response.

          Onemore thing I want to share with you is that I have got an opportunity to go through few features of SAP CRM 7.0. It's really mind blowing. I personally became a great fan to CRM 7.0. Now I am enthusiastically waiting to get an access to SAP CRM 7.0 version in my company.


      • Hi Stephen,

        Can you add your inputs for the below Lyda's query. because I do not have the practical exposure on CRM 7.0

        "The new version has a lot of poweful functionality. However, a commun question from the customer is if can we add other assigment block on the initial page? At the moment, you can select from a list: workflow, open task, search, report, google weather.. But is it possible add another infoblock like link to Internal Website for the customer?

        -Lyda "


  • Srikanth,

    1. The first "improvement area" which you have pointed out is something that you ,probably, have missed out. The button just next to the Print option is the very same functionality which will make you see all the available and displayed assignment blocks. The drag and Drop features, something new from this version, makes it easy for the end user to put assignment blocks in any order.

    Moreover as per the information that i do have from Gartner and Forrester this concept of showing all assignment blocks on one page has been widely appreciated in the Industry.

    3. Performance Issues are not isolated issues of SAP CRM, it may be evolved from various other channels. It also matters what is the hardware configuration that is being used.

    At the same time i do admit that Performance of SAP CRM Product can be improved and should be improved.There is still a scope left in this area to be addressed.


  • Hi,

    The new version has a lot of poweful functionality. However, a commun question from the customer is if can we add other assigment block on the initial page? At the moment, you can select from a list: workflow, open task, search, report, google weather.. But is it possible add another infoblock like link to Internal Website for the customer?