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SAP Changes My Life

SAP solutions not only make the company operation better, but also change my life! 

Before I was an introvert man, at least I thought I was! 😉 Because I’m an only child of my parents, no sisters and brothers, you know this is the situation of China, we have the family planning to limit the population increasing in our country. So from childhood I form the habits of self-study and self-support and have the good capability of self-study as well! As time went on I liked to figure out the questions by myself rather than asking and discussing with teachers or other peoples, when I was studying at the elementary school and middle school. And in the Jilin University of China, my major was software theory and engineering of my bachelor and master degree. You know, the subject requires high capability of independent innovation, so at that time I desired for researching the new technology know-how by myself, but forgot to share and consult the knowledge with other peoples, teachers or classmates. Teamwork didn’t make any sense for me during that time! That was the reason why I always felt that my ability was not equal to my ambition. I was eager to solve my doubt and feeling anxious and uncertain about my future!

After graduated from my university in 2004, I got a wonderful chance to work at a worldwide company and was very very lucky to be an internal SAP consultant! At the beginning I was responsible for Basis (User Authorization, EDI) and Material Management, at first view worked at SAP system, it was amazing! SAP system is so marvellous that I’m attracted by its profundities! I was enjoying myself study in SAP system, but I ignored a very important point that I’m a consultant, my responsibilities are not only studying new know-how but also conducting other peoples to do their work better, I need to share my knowledge with the SAP users and give them the training of SAP operation and troubleshooting. But I was not good at this, I meant that I was not used to present or express my knowledge and feeling to peoples, that made me nervous because I was a introvert man. ;p Considering I wanna be a good SAP consultant, I must improve my capability and skill of communication and presentation, overcome my introvertive! So I read many books about presentation, teamwork and communication skill, and participated in a very useful training of “How to Be a Good Presenter”, all these experience made me more confident than before. I began to like the teamwork with peoples in SAP system. On Feb. 22, 2005 I instructed my first training based on SAP users’ requirement, after the training SAP users gave me a good course evaluation and I won SAP users’ estimation, it made me very happy and encouraged myself in my career with SAP! I became more extrovertive than before! In my mind it was a real beginning that I became a qualified SAP consultant!

In November of 2005 I took part in the PA training of MM module and obtained SAP consultant certificate, after that I got two consultant certificates of SD and PP module by my self-study in two years. By the end of August 2007 I had already presented SAP trainings and workshops more than 20 times. In accordance with my effort I became an instructor of SAP partner academy in September of 2007, I’m responsible for PA and standard course of Supply Chain Management in China, so far I have instructed 2 PA courses and 5 standard courses in Beijing and Shanghai. So I love my job very much, because SAP makes me more extrovertive and more confident, lets me be a good lecturer!

With SAP software and services not only make the company business better, but also make my own career better, because I can do:

  • Realize straight-through processing across the order-to-cash cycle and reducing administrative costs while accelerating cash collections, at the same time know my personal value and potential;
  • Analyze customer credit risk using real-time information, reducing counterparty risks without jeopardizing customer relationships and sales, then work out the better solutions for the company and for my own career development as well;
  • Improve dispute resolution and analysis; lower days sales outstanding; accelerate cash flow; and increase collaboration between finance, line-of-business managers, and operating units; further more enhance my capability of communication and collaboration.

Now I knew the worst thing would be if I failed at it without really trying! I must work harder continually and grow up with SAP! It’s very luck that I’m enjoying myself working with SAP and my wife also likes my job and supports my work very much, because it can make my family have the good income, as well as make our future better and better, so I can say “SAP changes my life better and better!” 🙂


SAP Community Evening in China

SAP Community Evening in China
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  • Tao:

    Really nice blog -:) SAP changed my life too...After 7 years of working as a ABAP Consultant I feel that I have grown both personal and professional. SCN was of course a big help of helping to achieve that goals.


  • Nicely written, and good to hear a personal story here. Consultancy is a really great career for helping introverted IT folks come out of their shells and realise the many strengths they have, once we learn to communicate properly and understand business needs.


  • Not only do you write interesting industry blogs (automotive) but now you are sharing a bit of personal insights as well and have filled out your wiki profile nicely.  It is good to have a voice from your part of the world here on SCN.
    Glad that you received such positive feedback from others and am noting that you have good wishes from India, Europe, South America and North America all represented here.
    I hope that makes you feel very welcome.
    • Dear Marilyn:

      Yes, I'm very glad that I received so many positive feedback from our team members on SCN, I feel I'm very luck! 🙂 I like here, I like SCN very much! Thank SAP! 😉

      Best regards

  • Dear Tao Zhang,

    It was good knowing about you 🙂 You are self-made person.

    Best of luck for your career 🙂


    Engr. Qazi Raheel Ahmed

  • very nice blog. this is a fabulous example of how sap is a wonderful career, and also that a person who keeps his gratitude and curiosity will eventually succeed in life.