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How InnoCentive Brings New Opportunities to the SAP Market

In this SCN Community Podcast, Jon Reed of interviews Martin Raepple, Program Lead for the InnoCentive Partnership at SAP, and Bob Fucci, Senior Director of Business Development for InnoCentive. Speaking live from Walldorf, Martin and Bob give Jon an inside view on the benefits of the SAP-InnoCentive partnership and how SDN and BPX members can get involved with InnoCentive both as “seekers” and “solvers.”

Special Mini-Podcast:

Full Podcast:

During this twenty minute podcast, Martin and Bob explain what the seeker and solver roles mean to the SAP community specifically. Martin highlights the benefits of getting involved as a solver, including how to earn SCN points for participating on InnoCentive. He also talks about SAP’s own experience as a seeker and what SAP has learned from the challenges it has issued.

From his perspective, Bob tells us why prized-based innovation is a great option in today’s economy for solving business challenges, and how InnoCentive can help bridge the gap between tight budgets and a continued need for innovation.

For those who want to take their first steps with InnoCentive, Martin and Bob have tips for new solvers and seekers to ensure a productive experience.

Podcast Highlights

(:40) How InnoCentive became the leader in prize-based innovation and why SAP has become InnoCentive’s most important strategic partner.

(3:00) InnoCentive’s “seeker” and “solver” roles and how SAP community members can have an impact as seekers by applying their SAP know-how to open InnoCentive “challenges.”

(4:41) SAP’s own role as a solver and some of the challenges SAP has posted to date, including a challenge for an SCN promotional video and another challenge for how social media and social networking can be applied to enterprise environments.

(7:00) The benefits of being an SCN community member and InnoCentive “seeker,” including an explanation of how to obtain SCN Community Points by participating on InnoCentive.

(9:15) How InnoCentive can help companies to bridge the gap between tight budgets and a continued need for innovation by opening up challenges to a broader audience of experts.


(10:55) Advice for SCN members on how to pose challenges on InnoCentive and the next steps to take if you want to pose your own challenge.

(12:30) More on how to qualify a challenge to get the best results from a posting. Bob shares some tips from his work with Eli Lilly on how to post challenges that have the biggest business impact.

(14:25) Martin talks about some of SAP’s recent challenges, including the 1,200 project rooms that were formed to help solve SAP’s “social media for the enterprise challenge,” and how the solvers who posted their solutions are evaluated by SAP.

(17:00) Tips for new solvers on how to be the most effective when working on solutions for SAP-related challenges on InnoCentive.

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    • Hi Rob,
      I am not experiencing any issues with the podcast; I just listened to 4 minutes' worth of it. It is a rather large file, so perhaps it's taking a long time to download for you in the background?
      Is anyone else experiencing an issue with the recording?