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Enhanced Operations available with SAP Solution Manager 7.0 EhP1

The SAP Solution Manager plays a key role when customers need to implement, support, and operate their SAP software. New and enhanced features in the areas of administration and monitoring are now available with Enhancement Package 1 (EhP1) of SAP Solution Manager 7.0.

All features are provided in task-centric work centers with role-based access.

System Monitoring has undergone enhancements in connectivity monitoring. Selected connections between managed systems can now be monitored. The reporting architecture has been streamlined and the robustness of IT Performance Reporting has been increased. A monitoring history is available for key performance indicators.

System Administration now offers task management with additional task types. The Master Data Management (MDM) administration cockpit has been integrated.

System Landscape Management provides an enhanced downtime management with integrated task management. New links are provided that let you activate business functions in managed systems, display an SAP reference landscape, and trigger an automated technical configuration of connectivity between managed systems.

For more details on operations, see the section Work Centers in SAP Solution Manager.

For more solution-related information and learning maps, see the SAP Service Marketplace using quick link /rkt-solman.

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  • We have implemented the same at my Company yet we are having some difficulties when configuring the IT Performance Monitoring Piece of System Monitoring.

    Could you provide some documentation and guidance?

    • Natanael,
      if you perform the setup steps offered by the wizard, there should'nt be any problem, provided all the prerequisites are met.
      For prerequisites and more details, see the SAP Solution Manager Implementation Guide (SPRO -> SAP Reference IMG -> SAP Solution Manager -> Scenario-specific Settting -> System Monitoring -> Reporting)
      Good luck!
  • I can believe how difficult this is / was the install notes are a joke the prereqs took almost a whole day. You had to upgrade everything. This install is not for the faint of heart plan on taking a week for the install and post install activities. We feel that this is not ready for deploying. Way too many problems
    • Hi Michael,
      We are facing lot of issues. This doesnt look lik its a ready product. Did you face any problems using the SOLMAN_SETUP? Also i couldnt see wizard based settings option in the IMG.
      Any suggestions appreciated.


    • Michael,
      if you run into an issue, I would recommend you to create an OSS message, so our support can resolve the issue. Please post your message number here, so everybody else can benefit from a solution our support will provide.
      Could you also fill out your Business Card above?
  • Hi We installed Solution manager SR3 and applied the EhP1. Upgrade went fine. But after the support pack upgrade we could not see wizard based settings at all in the SPRO. Also after the SOLMAN_SETUP Tcode is entered and given my username and password and clicked the Initial configuration it doesn't go anywhere, even after one hour the Initial configuration page dooesnt get loaded. i started applyin correction notes and each note is taking minimum of 30 to 45 minutes. No lack of resources as this is fresh system with more than sufficient RAM and CPU. is this Beta release? Is this ready for use. Please suggest us as we feel as if we are wasting time on this unready product.
      • Hi Dieter,
        The SGEN was done immediately after the EhP1. When we run SOLAMN_SETUP T-code and click the Intital configuration , the screen doesnt showup at all, not even after 5 hours. Each note is taking one hour minimum. Is the Wizard based settings removed from EhP1? I did not find any note saying the Wizard based settings will no longer be there in SPRO.