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Business Role Configuration in CRM 2007

Features for CRM 2007 :

It is Role-relevant based interface. The Business role is the central object for controlling the Navigation bar, the Logical Links and the authorizations for users. We will have only web based UI.  

Configuration of Business roles

Step 1 :

Go to the Transaction PFCG in the role , from the F4 options select SAP_CRM_UIU_SLS_PROFESSIONAL and copy it and rename as per the requirement .


Below Picture appears – Change the Role for which you are copying.


Step 2 :

Come back to Business Roles – Follow the Path – SPRO – CRM – Business Roles – Define Business Roles or use to the T-code – CRMC_UI_PROFILE .

Select Sales Professional Role from the Standard Business Role and copy it with Prefixing Z .


After selecting Copy as Button – The below screen appears – Do rename it as marked.

And change the PFCG role of standard one and assign our PFCG role mentioned in the Step 1.


While copying system may give an Error message – Profile doesn’t exist – Use skip button as Marked – Save the copied entries.


Step 3 :

Assign your Business Role to the Org Model Position – Go to T-code – PPOMA_CRM,

Or go by Path – SPRO – CRM – Business Roles – Define Organizational Assignment.


Creating an Position to the Existing Organization Structure   – Right click on ABC Organization which you have created -Right click and Select create from the Option the below Choose relationship screen appears – select – Position.


Maintain Position – and Description of the Position and incase if you want to assign Job , take the value help options as show in the below picture for an example . We canmaintain Time frame for the Position and if he Is head of the Organization we can Mark as Check box in Head of the position as marked in the below screen shot.


We can maintain Time frame for the Position and Incase if you want to create a new job for him . Follow the Path as mentioned.

3. 1  : Go to Edit from the Menu Options and Select Create.


The below Pop up appears – maintain the Values and select continue button as indicated below . Don’t forget to save it . Without saving we could not found the newly created jobs in Value Help option.


Right Click on the Position and choose Assign below screen appears – Select Holder – User from it , Search for the User which you want to Assign to it .


Below screen shot shows the clear picture after assigning User to the Position. Here we can notice as we have selected the position as Head of the Organization – so the position is appearing as Special ( Cap on Head ) to the normal position.


Step -4 : Assigning Business Role to the Position.

Double on the position and select Goto in the Menu functions select – Detail Object – Enhanced Object Description and Select the Exit processing as Yes from the Pop – up.



Once we have completed the above process – System takes you to the below screen . choose Business roles under Active Tab , Right click and choose Create Info type or F5.System takes you to the below screen . Maintain your Business role in the Business role field and save it finally.


Now Test it .

Step – 5 – Adding CRM_UI_FRAME ( A component to call the Transaction ) 

Go to Easy Access Select Favorites and go to Favorites in the Menu Option and select Add other Objects from the Drop down – Select BSP APPLICATION and maintain the relavant information as mentioned in the below Screen shot.


Now you can see this BSP Link in the SAP EASY ACCESS under Favorites.


Double click on this – Login in with your Log in id and Password.


Now you can see your Business roles – Sales Professional.

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  • Hi Hari Krishna Sunku,

    I've just finished the CR580 CRM UI Customizing Course today and your Blog is a good conclusion of the first steps you have to procede on SAP CRM 2007. In the Course we heared also about CRM 7.0 which is currently in Ramp-Up. There the creation of a PCFG Role is optional.

    Best regards

  • Hello,

    Even I had completed the CR580 but thanks to you by providing the same with screenshots which will be help ful to others without going through CR580 just by reading your Blog.