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Activating and Enhancing an existing standard field in CRM 2007 web UI

Objective: Activating and enhancing an existing standard field in CRM 2007 web UI.


Below are the steps to Activate and Enhance an existing standard field for a business partner in CRM 2007 Web UI.



Step 1: Search for any existing Business Partner in system. This is how the screen looks before we make any changes. We can see that there are fourteen standard fields under ‘Main Address and Communication’. 





Step 2: We need to get the result as below which should have a new field ‘Room Number’.





Step 3: Go to the edit mode by clicking on ‘Edit’ near ‘Individual Account Details’. We can see the screen as below:





Step 4: Place the mouse cursor inside the field of ‘Street/House Number’ and press F2 on the key board for its Technical Data. The screen pop up would be as below. Now click on ‘configure’ on the bottom.






Step 5: Below is the window that would appear after clicking on ‘Configure’. Now click on ‘Show Available Fields’ which would display all the relevant available fields on the left.






Step 6: Search for the required field. In this case it’s ‘Room Number’ which is under ‘STANDARDADDRESS’. Select the field that needs to be shown on the web UI (example: Room Number) and click on ‘Add New Field’.





Step 7: Now we can see the field ‘Room Number’ on the left which would be moved to right on the Web UI popup window. Close the ‘Available fields’ on left by clicking on the ‘x’ cross mark. Select the field ‘Room Number’ and move it to top or to the desired row/location.



Step 8:  

  1. To adjust the field length according to the requirement, highlight the field ‘Room Number’ and click on ‘Show Field Properties.
  2. This would give the option towards right.
  3. Change the ‘Field Col’ from ‘D to E’. Click on ‘Apply’ and click on ‘Save and Close’ at the top left of the window.

Choose the request and close the ‘Technical data’ window.  Note: We can make the field ‘Mandatory’ by checking the option and we can also rename the field.






Step 9: Now we can see the field ‘Room Number’ in the web UI.




Result: Activating and enhancing an existing standard field in the web UI is done successfully. 

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  • Hi,
    This thing which are mention by are needs to be done one's u bring your custom field under that particular BOL. Ib believe that field 'Room No' is not standard field it custom one can u pls detail how this custom field need to bring in that particular BOL?


    • Hi GMD,

      first it would be good if you could change your Name to your real name.

      You can extend many Business Objects and their BOL using Easy Enhancment Workbench via Transaction EEWB. Unfortunately as I've heared today in the CR580 Training there is no standard way to extend the BOL for Customer Fields which where created in EEWB in 4.0 or 5.0.

      Best regards

  • Dear Sekhar,

    This blog is good and useful, but the configure tab in F2 window is not visible in my system.

    Should do any further config to make it visible. If so please guide me.

    I would be grateful for that.

    Best regards

    Raghu ram

    • Hi Raghu,

      I guess you are not getting the ‘Technical Data’ pop-up window. If this is the case then make sure that the all the pop-up blockers are disabled in the brower.
      If you are using internet explorer you may try :
      1.     Click on tools > ‘pop-up blocker’ > ‘Turn off  pop-up blocker’
      2.     Click on Tools > Internet options > Click on privacy tab > On the bottom make sure that the option ‘Turn on pop-up Blocker’ is unchecked.

      Please feel free to contact me if this is not the case.