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A Thought on Functional Upgrade

After a Technical Upgrade which is enabler for growth there is always a thought – how am I going to improve the business processes functionally.  How do I leverage on the technical upgrade?


Functional upgrade can emerge from any one of the following:


SAP Solution Browser Tool

Enhancement Packages (EHP1, EHP2, EHP3 & EHP4)

SOA Methodology


Large Global Organizations have their own team to develop, implement and support the business functions.  Its basically, developing a template and testing in one specific SAP Organization and then correcting and rolling it out to other Organizations.  This will include training users, if there are are more User Interfaces. 


Small and Medium Businesses look into the immediate low hanging fruits. SMBs can be highest reapers of benefit.


I wonder if there can be a common methodology to do the Functional Upgrade a complete success using the Technical Upgrade! 


My recommended steps would be:


  1. ‘Business Process Owners’ are trained on looking for Delta functionalities through the Solution Browser Tool, EHP Functions and especially SOA. 
  2. Matching the new functionalities with current listing of pain points.  It would also be good to review the ‘GAP’ analysis done during SAP Implemention to get the desirable functionalities which are not implemented till now.
  3. Measuring business benefits for prioritizing implementation.
  4. Existing SAP Software Modifications and Custom Developments to be replaced with Standard SAP Functions.
  5. New Business Functions which can replace old legacy systems.
  6. Finally, when legacy system or the End User software which cannot be replaced for business reasons need to be integrated with SAP – Find solutions from SOA!


As a SCM Consultant, I find the best new functionality to touch upon as example is:  *Shift Confirmations, Shift Notes and Reports.  I am sure, this functionality should be the darling of PPC BPX to explore.


Almost all Manufacturing Industries work on Shift basis and would like to report many of their KPIs based on ‘Shift’.  As a first step into that enabling the EHP3 (LOG_PP_SRN_CONF)  functionality for this would be the advantageous one.





Documentation and Release Notes are available on the link while activating the business function. After activating the change, use ‘OPK4N’ to configure Shift Related Confirmations.  I hope to use the Shift Notes with different languages with Unicode compliance.


Exploring the functionality and help links:

Help on EHP3

Overview to EHP3


More documents and information on EHP Functionalities:

Goto >> SAP Enhancement Packages for SAP ERP >> Media Library – SAP enhancement packages



My Future Expectations:


*It would be good if SAP provides ‘HELP’ on EHP functionalities alone separetely instead of merging this on to ECC6.0 help.  For example, only after knowing on ‘Shift related confirmations’, I need to go through the help tree to find the entry in Production order ‘Confirmations’.  I would expect all EHP related entries separately featuring under each relevant heading.


*As a person worked in connection with the Shopfloor for long, I would like to have Voice/Video recording to be added as Document in Document Management System and link with Confirmation where I can record issues related to my business for manufacturing products.  Just an Idea!


There is always room for Improvement, continuous Improvement!

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  • Thanks Dhasarathy. I was looking on documentation on ECC 6.0 upgrade and converting custom "ECC 5.0 Shift reporting" to ECC 6.0, EHP3 Package standard shift reporting. Your blog is helpful and informative.
    Thanks Again.